Reaction to Stella Dimokokorkus and AY Drama

For the past few days the story of Stella Dimokorkus and AY had made me burst in laughter. If  I am not mistaken I would say I have visited the Blog Reporters over six times since Stella published it in her blog. One thing to note, Mr AY is still angry that his dirty laundry have been published to the public. I am not taking sides but I must say AY should let go of the beef and also Stella should be careful with bringing people’s business in public. Especially if it concerns to marriage, Bloggers should be very careful because it involves two lives. Marriage is fragile, nobody want to be the reason why two people break up. Although Stella may claim she helped in amending their marriage but I tell you publishing people’s business like that can  also destroy their relationship. So all this bloggers please you guys  have to be very careful with dishing peoples marital problem in public.

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