In Response to Niger Gov. Stops Payment Of Wassce Fees, Says I Can’t Be Paying N800m For Students To Fail

Truth be told the education system is broken down in Africa. Wassce which is also known as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination is full of plagiarism.

Government are not paying teachers, the schools are lacking professional teachers and the few professional teachers are not spending their time to teach the students.

Parents have resorted to use other means to help their children in order to pass their exams. The means they have chosen is exam malpractice which in the long run will not help the children .

Government are paying heavily for these exams and to add insult to injury by the lack of educational infrastructure, the lack of preparation has made many students come out with failing grades.

For the government to effectively tackle this problem of massive failure in the educational system. They must encourage teachers by paying their salaries on time, schools should employ more professional teachers. Student should be encouraged to study harder and stop relying on exam malpractice.

There should be a singular  curriculum which matches to the exam they are preparing for. It is unfair to the student to learn and read topics that are unrelated to the exams they are preparing for.

credit:Ladun Liadi

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