Facts about Donald Trump Luxurious Penthouse

Donald Trump is an excellent businessman. One of his TV shows like celebrity apprentice where he has shown some expertise in his business skill has shown his dedication and commitment in his work. one of his slogans  is “You are fired” winks. He was one of the Republican nominee and today he is the elected president of the United States of America.

One thing we can’t forget about Donald Trump is that he loves beautiful women especially slim fitted models. This can be seen in his wife Melanie Trump  who was also a model. Another thing we note is his love for luxury. His Penthouse attest for this luxuriness. Below are some things about this luxurious penthouse.

Firstly, it is located at New York at 725 Fifth Avenue and this house is called the “Trump Tower”..Image result for trump tower

          This house is made of gold, rose and beige with neutral tints. Take a look at the house, you can see the elegance and beauty of the house. As  everything about this house is well detailed.



Russia To Partner With Nigeria In Military Technical Cooperation


Nigeria and Russia have agreed to establish military technical cooperation which would be tagged ‘Joint Defence Technical Cooperation Committee’ (JDTCC). This agreement took place recently at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja. This recent development is targeted at empowering the bilateral security relationship Nigeria and Russia both enjoy which was established during the fourth Joint Commission meeting between them.

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What you should do before you get married

1. Work on thy Temperament.
How do you behave to others when you’re happy or moody? This and your pattern of thinking would define your temperament. Knowing what easily gets you angry, irritable or moody would help you place a check on how you’d allow people get on your nerve. Whether you’re Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy or Phlegmatic; you have to know your temperament and the things you must avoid that would get you in a bad emotional and psychological state which could mar your relationship. Many failed to know their temperament and have allowed it to ruin their marriage due to the stress and challenges in marriage. Work on your temperament if you have a bad one.

2. Discover thy purpose. 

A woman’s role isn’t confined to the bedroom or kitchen alone. It is a man with an archaic mentality that would want his woman to only raise children and put food on his table. I’m not saying this is not important but there’s more to marriage than that alone. Aside the primary function of a woman, what purpose do you want to live for? Your purpose, when balanced in proportion doesn’t have to get over your marriage. If you’re to be a suitable help meet, you need to know in what capacity you can function. It is possible to be a Proverbs 31 woman when you know your purpose beyond domestic chores or allowing yourself to be ‘used’ by every Tom, Dick and Harry before marriage.

3. Know thy God: “They that know their God shall be strong and do exploits”. You may be successful in life but you cannot have good success if you don’t know God. The God you know will guide you into knowing the kind of man you’d settle for in marriage. Queen Esther didn’t just settle for a man, a prince or one of the chiefs; she kept herself, knew her God and His favor brought her king.

NOTE: There’s a king in every man you can bring out if you’re married to the right man. You cannot bring out a king in a wrong partner; you’d only see his bad nature no matter how hard you try. When you know God, He will guide you into knowing the right man. The God you know will save you from time wasters, glory killers or destiny hunters that would ruin your purpose as a woman.
Have a relationship with God. Knowing God is more than being religious, it is more of an intimate relationship which is built over the years.

4. Love thyself.
Happiness is influenced by external factors. Love is first felt from the inside before it is expressed. No man can make you feel loved if you fail to love yourself. You’ll only idolize him. To love yourself, be happy with how you look like, have a good self-esteem, do what you enjoy and not what you’re coerced to do, be contented with what you have and be proud of yourself as a woman. No one can love you better if you fail to love yourself.

5. Work on thyself.
Nobody is perfect. We are all work in progress. Before marriage, while you’re single, you have every time to improve on yourself. Learn the things you cannot do better that will be useful when you’re married. Making good food, home management, child training, sewing and how to maintain cordial relationship (social) with others should be learnt. Instead of being busy wasting away time while you’re waiting to be married, convert those energies and resources into something productive so that it becomes a plus in your life in the future and not regret in the future.

6. Separate thyself from unfriendly friends.
It is good to have friends but worse when these friends do not contribute anything positive in your life but rather reduce your dignity and productive capacities. Any friend that doesn’t add value to you will take something valuable from you. Life and successful marriage is beyond gossiping, designer wears, fashion craze or spending heavily on worthless endeavors. Associate yourself with those you can learn from, not those who will unlearn what you know. If you can do these to yourself, coupled with prayers and a good spouse, you will enjoy marital bliss. So, what’s preventing you from improving your life before marriage?

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Cecil the lion hunter charges dropped

Theo Bronkhorst a professional hunter appears at the magistrates court on the first day of trial in Hwange about 700km south-west of Harare, Zimbabwe, Monday 28 September 2015

A Zimbabwe court  dropped charges against the professional hunter who helped an American dentist to kill a famous lion named Cecil.

Image result for who killed cecil the lion

Remember in June 2015, Walter Palmer an American dentist paid Theo Bronkhorst a hunter 50 thousand US dollars to kill a lion named Cecil. This was a global news and provoked many who believes in animal right. Now he’s charges has been dropped.

Small Scale Business ideas and Investment Opportunities in Nigeria


With respect to poultry farming, the ban imposed by the federal government of Nigeria with respect to the importation of live or frozen poultry birds has only helped explode the demand. To be honest with you, livestock farming in general is a booming business in Nigeria and the trend is not dying anytime soon.

With over 150+million mouths to feed daily, there will always be demand for livestock products. However, lack of technical know-how and the use of crude equipment are the major factors hampering the growth of this industry.

If you can come in with adequate knowledge and the patience to nurture this business, you will reap immensely. Now you can choose to either venture into livestock breeding of animals or better still, you can stick to livestock feed production or equipment retailing.

Agro-product Exportation

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of food and natural resources; and most of these natural resources are raw materials needed for the production of some finished products. Every day, tons of raw materials and food products leave the shores of Nigeria to countries such as India, Vietnam, China, USA, UK, Brazil, etc; yet, the demand is never met.

You can become an exporter by simply registering with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council and decide on the specific product you wish to export. Examples of products highly in demand both within and outside Nigeria are Chili pepper, Kola nuts, Bitter, cassava,  Cocoa, Groundnut, Yam flour, Cashew nuts, etc.


Nigeria is blessed with a lot of mineral resources like Limestone, Coal, Iron ore, Bitumen, etc. Aside this, the mining industry in Nigeria is set to take off because the federal government in June 2013 implemented a policy to drive forward the mining industry by declaring the importation of mining equipment duty free. The government is also going after many dormant investors who were granted mining licenses but are not utilizing it. This act I believe, will spur the growth in the mining sector. If you have the financial capacity and a team, you can position yourself in this sector.

Setting up a private mini refinery

Building a private refinery and refining crude oil is another business you should look into because there is a lot of potential in it. In January 2012, the federal government announced the partial removal of subsidy and with a long term plan to totally remove fuel subsidy. What this means in essence is that petroleum product importers will now sell as they buy; thus bringing in competition and it is a known fact that 80% of petroleum products consumed in Nigeria are imported.

Inland waterway Transport

A lot of countries such as Italy, Thailand, etc have effectively been utilizing their waterways as a means of transport; thus reducing the traffic congestion on the road. All you need to do is to incorporate a company, obtain license from the state and federal government, import or purchase some locally fabricated boats; and you are in business.

Real Estate

I have met a lot of individuals with money piling up in the bank, but they don’t seem to know what to do with that money. Yet, on every business trip I make, I hear stories of people facing accommodation problems; not because they can’t afford it but because there is none within their choice of location.

Also, I hear woeful stories from students in various universities and other high institutions who live under harsh conditions; not because they want to or can’t afford a comfortable place to live; but because they is no conducive apartment in close proximity to the institutions.

I also know the stress, effort and resources it took me before I got an office space both within and outside Lagos. What these facts or complaints are pointing to is that there is a massive need for buildings, both residential and commercial. It is a known fact that shelter is one of the basic needs of man.

Importation of wears

Clothing is another basic need of man. Regardless of the economy, people must wear clothes and this includes shoes, bags, underwear, perfumes, etc. Now there is a fast growing trend now and that is “Used clothes” or “Recycled clothes,” otherwise called Okirika clothes

Since the economy is getting tougher and there’s need to be clothed, the masses have resolved to buying used clothes rather than new ones. Still yet, there is a market for new clothes; for men, women, and kids. You can source your materials from China, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Dubai, India, etc.

Bus services

Your clients in this case can be schools, religious organizations, NGOs, corporate bodies, etc. Some corporate organizations can’t afford an in-house transport system for its executives and staff, so this is where you come in. You provide the cars or buses, provide the drivers and you are paid on a monthly bases or contract bases for the use of your transport services.

Another area of target is schools. Most schools would like to provide transport facilities for their students but they can’t afford it and this is where you come in. You provide a bus service system and send out a proposal to schools to use your bus services. Just imagine 20 or more young schools jointly using your student bus service system and you will catch the vision of this idea.


The demand for quality childcare service is increasing daily. Parents are now working harder just to generate enough income to keep the family going, thus leaving them with less time for the children.

Now to be honest with you, there are a lot of daycare centers existing but only a few are providing exceptional services; and parents that cherish their kids are never comfortable leaving their kids in a child care centre whose environment is dirty. If you can come in with exceptional service and creativity, you will make money from this business. Another thing you must know is that you can start this business from home.

Plantation Farming

Do you have a fertile vacant land and you know that you won’t be developing any structure on it in the nearest future? Then why not start a livestock farming, crop cultivation or plantation farming. There are a lot of cash crops you can plant, nurture and forget; and they will keep providing you with steady returns annually. Examples of crops you can start a plantation around are Orange, Cocoa, Cassava, Yam, etc.

Frozen Food

Despite the high number of livestock farmers in Nigeria, frozen fish and chicken are still being smuggled into the country through the border because there is a market for it. Some people don’t want to go through the stress of killing and preparing fowls for eating, so they prefer to buy ready-made frozen birds. With the right plan and a strategic location, you can make millions by investing in building and operating a cold room.

In conclusion, the investment opportunities in Nigeria are not limited to the list above. With a little digging and research, you will surely uncover more of these opportunities. However, the point I want to stress is that having the capital to invest in these opportunities does not mean you will succeed at it.

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