How to prepare for a phone Interview

Image result for phone interview imagesPhone interviews are increasingly becoming important. Here are some tips to get you prepared for that phone interview.
1. Beware of the Time

Honestly, timing is everything. Get every necessary  materials in order and disengage yourself from any distraction from family members or friends. You have to plan your day properly so that nothing can come in-between your phone interview.

2. Pick the Best Spot
Do you think the kitchen or the living room will be better for you ? Pick a spot that is perfect for you. Also, bare in mind that this spot where you are to be interviewed can either make you get the job or loose it . If this spot is your room ensure you have informed other people in your house so there won’t be any disturbance.  If your interview is via skype, then you should choose an environment where there is good lightening.

3. Get your Materials ready
Truth be told, never take anything for granted,  just because it is called a phone interview doesn’t mean you won’t keep every material at your fingertips. Things you could consider bringing with you are paper, a pen added with a copy of your resume in front of you. You can write down answers to potential question which you have prepared to ask.

4. Pay attention to your Voice and Tone
Don’t be nervous and rush the phone interview. Beware this is a phone interview. Sometimes your phone can intensify these problems of nervousness. So, be relaxed and confident, speak in your normal tone of voice.  Be happy that you were given the opportunity. Remember, this is time, therefore take it and shine .



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