In Response to Federal government Orders JAMB to abolish cut-off marks

JAMB which is also known as the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is an entrance examination board for tertiary institutions in Nigeria. This board introduced  entrance examination for prospective undergraduates into Colleges and Universities. To be qualified for this  entrance exam, you must have written and passed a previous exam called WAEC (West African Examination Council).

Reading an article from ‘naij’ blew me away, when it says that the Federal Government was planning to abolish the cut-off mark of 180 for University and College admission. Honestly, this is not impressing and very discouraging, on account of the fact that the educational system in Nigeria has failed woefully from the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level.  Removing the cut-off mark wont help students in the long run as this will make student be less serious about their studies. 

Also, in the article it mentioned that, the reason for abolishing the cut-off mark was to stop situations where some institution have more students and others have very few. The question is that, does this even sound logical? students have been given the opportunity to choose between three schools of their choices and if  one of the schools accept them, should we blame it on the cut-off mark?

Another thing mentioned in the article was that the federal government was planning to remove Mathematics as a requirement for admission for those planning to study French Law and English. The question is why remove Mathematics? Shouldn’t the FG instead plan on building our educational system by ensuring they employ qualified Teachers and Professors who will impact the  knowledge of numbers or figures into the student. Do we want to a populations of dummies. Shouldn’t we strive to get a population of smart Lawyers, French teachers and  good writers who are also good with figures or numbers.

Frankly,  the Federal Government decision to abolish JAMB cut-off mark won’t help its population rather they should think of fixing the broken educational system by providing every necessary equipment and infrastructure. Instead of cubbing the cut of mark, prepare the students to beat the cut of mark for them to get higher grades, think of eradicating plagiarism in the educational system (Exam malpractice), employ qualified teachers  and pay them on time. Leave the cut-off mark and let the student work hard to beat it and get higher grades.                                                    


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