Nigerians back into Agriculture to fight the economic recession

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Nigerians are venturing into agriculture to help fight the current economic recession.

The country  and its people has been affected badly by the global fall in oil prices, this has reduced her government revenues and affected many jobs. 

Nigeria’s once-flourishing agriculture sector was once neglected and abandon during the glory days of oil boom. Sadly, most of its revenue was generated from the oil and it neglected other sectors like the Agriculture sector.

Diversification became a major national concern as many thought it was necessary. Rainy days like this oil  crash is unpredictable. When a country prepare for unforeseen circumstances it would be able to survive when trouble comes.

The current recession is a pain in the neck to every Nigeria, Many thought diversifying the economy is long over due. The government is also apologizing for their negligence towards the Agriculture sector.

Even the present-President Muhammadu Buhari believes so much on the agricultural sector as it has much potentials to generate even better and bigger revenue into the economy.

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