Tutoring Online: If you are good at a particular subject then you can take advantage of it and sign up with students that are in need of that  course.  You can charge per hour. Note if you want to be serious about tutoring online; you must have a functioning and workable computer or laptop. Sign up on Skype or any social media tool that allows video calls.

Blogging:  Write on topics of your interest, be authentic and create your own stories. To be a better blogger you have to study other people’s blog in order to get ideas and information that might help your own blogs. Also,  blogging requires patience and time. So don’t expect to automatically generate money immediately. However, if you are consistent and passionate about it over time few cash might start coming in.

YouTube Video: This is another way to generate cash, upload videos, maybe on subjects like maths and start solving problems. As your viewers and subscribers grows up to a 1000 you can sign up with Google AdSense so that advert can be placed on all your videos. As people click to watch your videos you will be making some few bucks.

Online Translation: If you are good with languages like French, Spanish, Chinese and etc. You can take advantage of it and help businesses and clients who might be in need of it.

Online Freelance Writing: If you are a good writer then you can publish your write-up online and make money online. Note to do this successfully, sign up on websites that support freelance writing.

However the list is not limited to the ones listed above. There are many more, do your research and make money online.




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