Breaking News : A Day of Darkness in Bamenda Anglophone Cameroon : My hearts bleeds, Francophone Military have killed over 15 unarmed Anglophone Youths in Bamenda Cameroons for demanding a federal state in a peaceful protest. The worst massacre of over 15 Anglophones youths ensued today as President Byia Paul a dictator who instructed Nji Atanga- Special duty Minister and Prime minster Philemon Yang to hold a forceful CPDM Rally to strategist on the continuous marginalization of Anglophones in Bamenda against the wish of the people are responsible for the killings and will be held accountable!!!. The picture speaks for itself. The Federation thing is no longer necessary following this killings, the Independence of Southern Cameroonians will be follow through. The Biya regime will Killed all of Anglophones so as to keep the present status quo. Enough is Enough !!!

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Catherine Beyang Tabot
Catherine Beyang Tabot Anty pauline, fortunately we are a family .your maternal cousin from besenge.what a small world.thanks for insulting me though. Dont be bitter about my comments, i think i am entitled to my opinions.
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Catherine Beyang Tabot
Catherine Beyang Tabot I am Rose best boo. Ask her and she will tell you.
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Evangelist Gilbert Samba
Evangelist Gilbert Samba oh God help us
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Ashenui Sylvie Asanga
Ashenui Sylvie Asanga That’s a human being lying lifeless and you talk nonsense what do u expect peopyto tell u ? Praise you? Think be4 u express your mind in public.
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Credit: Facebook User Ashu Kingsley

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