Don’t Tell People Your Dreams/Goals. Show Them.

It is a common practice that when people have goals or dreams. They will start babbling and broadcasting it to everyone. Some people believe that when they broadcast it more, it motivates them more to reaching their finishing line.

Honestly, this sometimes might back fires and can lead to shame and mockery. If failure arises you will begin to have many questions to answer to all the people you had told.

Babbling about your dreams and goals sometimes, might make you less likely to achieve them. Frankly speaking, it is better to keep quiet and succeed, people will want you to show them the result rather than broadcasting and babbling them. This can be seem as a false accomplishment.

Why  not sharing your goals and dreams  will be the best,  it will save you from people’s negative opinions and distractions that might comes from naysayers. Close your damn mouth.

If you must talk make sure it is a trusted and reliable friend, and make sure it is not someone who is seeing you as competition.  Be wise,  just because you think you trust someone doesn’t mean the person is trustworthy. Many people have suffered in regrets for opening up to someone they thought was trustworthy.

Best way, instead of telling people your goals,you can surround yourselves with people who have attained that goal, this will help you and facilitates your growth towards attaining your goals.


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