Where are the good old days (NIGERIA CURRENCY BACK IN THE DAYS)

Nigeria as a nation has persevere and held itself together since the colonial period but one thing still remains, that is, its currency.

Below is a few list, in the history of Nigeria’s currency.

  1. Trade by barter Image result for trade by barter in nigeriaThis had to deal with exchange of goods between two people, this could be between neighbours or friends who knows themselves. If a person have a goat and another have a yam. The two can make exchange if they both need each other’s item.

2.Coweries and ManilasImage result for 2.Coweries and Manilas

Surprisingly, this was also a means of payment. Most of its payment were measure in bags or containers.

Related imageAnother means of currency Nigeria tried on was Manilas, This has been in existence before coins or kobo’s   were introduce into the economy.  However, shortly after this bank notes were introduces as a means of payment.

  1. Nigeria Shilling

Image result for nigeria shilling Although this is no longer used in Nigeria but countries like Uganda and Kenya still use them.

  1. Nigeria Pounds

Image result for nigeria pounds Once upon a time Nigeria used pounds  as means of payment, but today it is no more. Judging from the current exchange. The exchange value of pounds to naira which is our current currency is too expensive so much that the naira has no value. Imagine if we had maintained pounds as our currency it would have been better.

  1. The Nigeria Naira Note

Image result for nigeria one naira notes The naira note which was introduced by central bank of Nigeria has been fluctuating over the years but in recent times it has been down to an irrecoverable state. Now many wish the government would have maintained  the pounds we once had, maybe, its value would have been better than the naira in the exchange market.

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