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If you are looking to make extra bucks to buy some groceries every month. Five to ten minutes of your time depending on the length of the survey question can fetch you that extra buck you need. I have tried some of it, so I am telling you from facts that it  works.

Below are lists of sites you can try, if you don’t mind using your spare time in answering some easy questions. Most of these surveys are compatible with both mobile phone and desktop or laptop.  If you live in Canada or US and sometimes other parts of the world you might consider this sites.

Tellwut : When you sign-up for the first time you will be able to build some points or credits like close to 1000 points. After that each day you will be given survey questions which you will be answering daily. When you build up to a minimum of 4,200 points you will be able to receive rewards worth $10 which you can exchange for a movie ticket. if you have like 10,000 points which is not hard to build, you will be getting a 25 dollars gift cards from your preferred store.I have tried it and it works.  Here is a link to get you there https://www.tellwut.com 

Swagbucks :This is another legitimate website to consider. Building points in the site is easy as the videos you watch comes with points. If you buy items, they also have their own points. This site is good and I have tried it. please check it out http://www.swagbucks.com

Webperspectives: This is another good website to try. It is easy to build  points, the rewards come in form of movie ticket,Amazon-gift card.If you live in Canada, you can try it out   << https://www.webperspectives.ca

TheopinionPanel Community: This is another website to try which is very popular in the UK. It is suitable for students. Here is a link  https://www.opinionpanel.co.uk

Mysurvey: This site is very popular and it is legitimate as well. If you qualify for the survey the question sometimes last about 15 minutes and pays well. Here is a link  https://www.mysurvey.ca


Note: there are a lot of survey websites that pays. Do your research to know what works in the area where you live.



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