First question to ask ourselves, What is Purpose ? This is an intention or a plan about a desired result. This could be a target or goal  you have unquenchable thirst for. Many have asked themselves this questions, what is the purpose of my existence? what do I do with my life? what do I do with my time on earth?

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If we truly want to attain our purpose the following are facts to note:

1. Focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life purpose.

2. It is only in God we can find our true identity and originality

3. Life is all about letting God use you for His purpose and not using Him for your own purpose

4. Reading purposeful books is classified as self-help if u put your mind to it you can usually succeed but being successful is different from fulfilling your life’s purpose.

5. You may be successful by the world standard and still miss the purpose of God for your life

6. The easiest way to discover your life purpose is to ask God.

7. You may choose your career, your spouse, your hobbies and other parts of your life but you don’t get to choose your life’s purpose but you discover it in Christ.

8. To discover your purpose, you must turn to God’s words and not to the world’s wisdom.


credit: naij and google image

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