Image result for love story imagesA man who has no job got married to a lady who has a well paying job, despite  his fears that he would loose his wife for his inability to secure a job. Every month his wife brought her whole salary to her husband, so they can use it to plan their family together.

This continued for a long time, and the wife remain faithful, loving and loyal to her husband. Although, she had friends trying to advise her wrongly saying she was foolish to submit her salary to her husband but she did not listen to them.

Fortunately, her husband got a decent paying job. Her husband been grateful for the wonderful woman in his life bought their first car and gave it to his wife, he never mind taking commercial vehicle and cab to work. When he had work with same company for a longer period of time he got more money to buy another car. This time he took the first used car to drive instead and gave his wife his second new car to drive.

One day, the wife stumbled on a file neatly wrapped, she opened it and saw their wedding pictures. In these pictures she look slimmer and more petite. What surprises her most, was that, her husband had bought a house and on this file was a beautiful note written saying “my wife is all I have got, not even this house which is worth millions”.

Tears dropped from her eyes while reading this lovely piece written by her husband and now she even love, respected and appreciated her husband more. She was happy she did not heed to her friends, rather she stick to the one she exchange vow with.

credit: google image.

8 thoughts on “A LOVE STORY

  1. @trulyunplugged you sound intelligent and I also love your write-up. I hope we inspire each other by sharing valuable knowledge. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.


  2. How utterly lovely….what a surprise ending….I love this message so much….such a succinct and simple way to say something so profound….you have a wonderful way of conveying so much while using few words…that is the opposite of me…thanks for sharing :)

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