You checked your inbox and you received that exciting email that says we have received your application for the position in our company and are pleased to invite you for an interview. Now you are happy but your heartbeat doubles. How will I do this? I am a freshie or I desperately need to change my job. This is a golden opportunity I must not miss.

Below are things you should do

Do some research on the company: First thing to do is read and know about the company. Find their website and google their name to get know about the company. If you want to shine in an interview, find a way to systematically throw in the interview what you read about them.

 Speak with someone that works in the company: It is always good to speak with someone that works in the company you are interviewing with. If you don’t know anyone there, do not panic, it is easy, for example, but you don’t know anyone there, chances are you will know someone else who works in the oil and gas industry, ask questions.

Check out LinkedIn:  Some companies have official LinkedIn pages, check it out. LinkedIn can  be helpful.  Update your profile and make it accessible to the public.

Image result for linkedin login page

Rehearse: Before going for an interview, the night or days before, google online on how to answer interview questions, get idea and write how you would answer it yourselves. Ensure you prepare questions on a sheet of paper, hand it over to your brother, sister or friend, or whoever to ask you question, go like two or three rounds, and correct yourselves where it is needed.  If you don’t have anyone, do it yourself, either in front of a mirror

 Work on your mind: Most times when you receive an invite for an interview days or weeks ahead. Use these days to do all of the above. Prepare your mind both mentally and psychologically. Make sure you don’t arrive late on the day of the interview, be punctual.  Preparation will be your best confidence booster. 

Remember success is only guaranteed when opportunity meets preparation


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