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Dear Ms Fear, or whoever you are – because all this while I have not known your gender. Your face that is always hidden under that hood of yours made it impossible and that husky voice of yours gave nothing away.

I’m writing this letter to inform you that I am fed up with this unfruitful relationship existing between you and me in the past years. Ever since I agreed to your tenancy in me; I have not experienced peace or joy within me. This had drawn me back in my pursuits and this is not good for my destiny neither of those connected to me.

At first, I thought it was me being a failure not until I discovered recently that it was all your doings. I cannot endure this any longer, considering so many things that will be at stake and those things I have lost already, I believe an end to our not-cordial relationship will help me in putting this right.

By the time you will be reading this letter, your belongings and your children would have been homeless. Anxiety and worry crying, I guess it is not because they will be homeless but because I am no longer at their command. It is a pity too, for I’ve also lost my sympathy to you and your offspring. I heard they made some renovations in hell, so it should be quite comfortable. Fear go to your residence hell and burn to ashes.

Do not bother looking for me, as you can see, I’ve moved to the upper side of life. And even if you come, there are guards at the main entrance; Sound mind and Power – they answer to no one but Love. One more thing, I’m feeling great already; I have been adopted into the family of faith and also entitled to the inheritance of righteousness! I mean, now I can call the Judge of the Supreme Court of heaven and earth(God), and enjoy all He has. I am told this is just a tip of the iceberg concerning things I am entitled to for leaving you!

In conclusion, trust me to come back with hordes of my new friends to get my neighbours out of your reach.

Yours No Longer,
Now in  Gods glorious Light.

credit: ynaija and random google image


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