Positive habits women should develop for a healthy Heart

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You can develop, in time, the habit of keeping a positive and happy attitude. Through constant practice, you can boost the positive emotions in you to overshadow or replace the negative, self-defeating emotions. A paper published in Psychological Science discovered that a person can self-generate positive emotions that contribute to better physical health. Having said this, here are some habits that you can develop to generate  positive feelings

  1. Forgiveness – Studies show that forgiving others and yourself as well as letting go and forgetting your grudges can bring numerous benefits to your health. These advantages include decreased blood pressure, improved immune system, and lower level of the stress hormone cortisol.
  2. Thankfulness – Though a simple task, the habit of thanking others can breed health benefits. A 2003 study established a connection between praising others and a decrease in health complaints. Scientists found out that gratitude triggers neurochemicals and hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin that improve mood and boost health and wellness.
  3. Optimism – A study of a team of scientists from Harvard University and Boston University revealed that pessimistic people were more likely to acquire heart disease than the most optimistic ones.
  4. Kindness – According to Dr. David R. Hamilton, among other health benefits, acts of kindness result to healthier hearts. These acts trigger the production of the love hormone oxytocin which releases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.
  5. Resilience – Resilience is the emotional ability to spring back after undergoing a stressful and emotionally devastating event. Emotionally resilient people have the ability to manage stress – a key contributor in developing heart disease.
  6. Honesty – A University of Notre Dame research disclosed that telling fewer lies promotes better mental and physical health. Scientists in the research found out that honest people have fewer complaints of being tense and depressive.
  7. Compassion – A volume of studies shows that being compassionate and volunteering some of your time and skills to the less privileged can prolong your lifespan.

Your emotions deeply affect your heart. To maintain the health of your organ that symbolizes emotions, you should always practice these positive activities that breed happiness and positive feelings.

credit :healthable: google image


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