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Persist-ency is the key to great success. It is all about striving in the face of adversity, enduring the cost, time, money and sweat just to achieve one’s desired goals in life.  I must say  nothing can take the place of Persist-ency.  In-fact it could be said, persist-ency and determination alone are omnipotent. 

A conventional meaning of persist-ency is: “Refusing to give up or letting go; It is all about persevering firmly, continuously in a course of action in spite of life grinding situation, opposition and crisis.

 Here are some of keys to developing persist-ency

  • Make a decision on what you want to accomplish
  • Prepare for Obstacles and Setbacks
  • Take baby step
  • Examine, reevaluate and revise your goals.
  • Garner support and encouragement.
  • Be focus 

     Word of the day: Be persistent


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