Things TO Know About Fishing for Compliments


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Everyone loves a compliment. Who doesn’t like to be praised and adored? Who doesn’t want to be honoured?  It is not surprising that people want to see how much they are valued by humanity.

Your self esteem is very much important. Feeling good about yourself is a wonderful experience. In fact, compliments have been known to aid a healthy lifestyle. So having other people voice out how wonderful, beautiful and awesome you are is even a big plus.

However, things become interesting when you begin to fish for compliments. 

Do you know that certain significant events are taking place in your world when you keep fishing for compliments?

Do you know that your crave for praise and compliment, though genuine,  can cause a drastic effect and shape your world in ways you never imagined?

If you don’t think so, here are Things to know about Fishing for Compliments:

fish compliments


You Are Hurting Your Relationships

The more you keep fishing for compliments, the more you appear to be old and needy.

When you constantly seek the validation of others to feel worthy and happy, you constantly put pressure on your family,  friends, colleagues and loved ones to make you feel happy. 

Too much of everything isn’t good so what turns out to be be sweet and awesome, turns into hatred and disdain.

Isn’t it strange that your loved ones have to be stretched to make you feel loved or your happiness and joy is tied to how others feel about you?? 

What You Should Know

Love is never forceful. Happiness isn’t external.  You don’t need the validation of others to be significant. You don’t need the permission of others to feel worthy.

Remember, you ain’t awesome because people say you are awesome. You are awesome because that is just whom you are. It is a fact so why do you keep fishing for more compliments?



You are Hurting Your Self Esteem

If you can’t be happy or feel good about yourself without hearing from others.  You can’t do the best at anything without someone saying that you did a good job or you need the compliments of others to feel loved, then you are hurting your self esteem.

When you hurt your self esteem, you are hurting your existence.  You are making your thoughts lie about you.

What You Should Know

Each time you seek for validation, you give power to others to define your existence. You give them permission to write your own story

You are special because you have so much inside to make a difference. Your existence lights your world and you matter to your generation.

By being you, there are people whose lives you will definitely change for the better. 

Most Often Your Praises and Compliments Come Away Empty-Handed

 A Person shopping for compliments often comes away empty-handed. 

Do you know that fishing for more compliments doesn’t make you feel better about yourself?

Think about it! That is the more reason why you seek more compliments

The more compliments you seek, the more you become addicted to hearing more compliments.

Sooner or later, your compliments will become so empty. You don’t trust in them any more because they are not enough. So you seek for more compliments and compliments.

What You Should Know

Standing on the shoulders of compliments to make a difference in your life is limiting yourself plus your existence.

You are powerful beyond measure that is why compliments should never replace your inner drives ( Passion, Purpose and  God-given Gifts)

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2 thoughts on “Things TO Know About Fishing for Compliments

  1. I have also found that whether valid, or not and whether fished for or not, at the end of every day we are longing for the identity (new) that is only available by becoming a child of the living God who is our ultimate security. Our identity as a believer ( if rightly understood ) puts a quick halt to the need for what the Word calls a ” flattering tongue”.
    I liken it to the rich man who can never attain enough wealth and the child of God who knows they are richer then they ever dreamed. We cannot live in two accounting systems, we are secure in Christ and rich in His daily mercies, or we are in the world dumpster diving to get through the day…just my 2…

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