Effective Ways to Make Others Feel Important

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  • Use their name
  • Express  gratitude
  • Do more listening than talking: Look at them when they talk, Pay attention to the things they like and give compliments, maybe in their appearances, job and other accomplishments.
  • Be sincere in your praise.
  • See Potentials: Encourage them more than criticizing, tell them you believe in them. Comfort them even after a failure, Ask them to teach you something and offer help within your means and capability.
  • Talk more about them than about you.
  • Give Generously: this can simply be your time and if you are blessed to give more, do so. Never limit yourself
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  • Be Affectionate: This can be literally giving them a pat in their back, or a hug
  • Do things together by inviting them to church, game, shopping, giving them a ride and even an invite for dinner
  • Be authentically interested.
  • Share yourselves: This can be your honest opinion about things, or challenge you overcame that might be beneficial to them.
  • Show you care.
  • Be the person that make others feel special. Be known for your kindness, sympathy and grace.





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