Your Weakness is also an Asset

For one thing, being weak makes you look horrible. It  deprives you of courage.

The thought of being weak at something looks like a disaster to your dreams. It is no wonder that weakness is one of your most dangerous fears. Beside, who would want to be labelled weak? I know you definitely would not.  It isn’t a great achievement.  

But what if you knew that your weakness is a great asset. What if you knew that being vulnerable is the birthplace of creativity and your ticket to bliss.

 Here are 6 Reasons why your Weakness is an Asset.

1.  Your Weakness Resonates with People

Why Your weakness is an asset 2-min

Do you know that being weak boosts connection? 

The world is filled with different types of problems. You might be thinking that your problem is unique but trust me, you are not alone.

Connection is what makes meaning in our lives. Connection is the lifeline of business and every revolution has been achievable due to some sort of connection.

So it’s great to be able to connect with one who have experienced the same problem as yourself. Just think about how much you can make a difference when you have a solution.

2. Your Weakness gives you an Opportunity to Make an Impact

You have all it takes to change the world. Your existence is enough to make a difference.

You have gone through the mountain, through the storms and you are victorious.

Your weakness gives you an advantage as the world is waiting to hear your experience and be inspired by your success story.

You have got something special to offer the world. There is someone out there who needs to know about your experience and might be willing to pay you for it too.

3. Your Weakness Saves People

Why Your weakness is an asset 3-min

People are challenged when you show them the way. Through your weakness, you inspire people that the sky is just the limit. Through your challenges,  you liberate others when you liberate yourself.

Just think about how much you empower others to grow through your weakness.

Just imagine how much you gift them by trusting them and building their confidence in their own ability.

Think about how happy people will be, when you light their dark candles.

4. Your Weakness Makes you an Authority

Those who accepted their weakness and turned it into strength became the legends and heroes in our world. They were not moved by their weakness but found the courage to make a difference with their imperfection.

So your weakness does make you an authority. What makes you weak suddenly becomes your pillar as long as you take advantage of it.

Why is this so?

You get to go through the Road less traveled. You get to create your own legacy for others to follow. By designing your culture , you end up paving a new way for others.

You open up people’s minds to other possibilities by not following the crowd.

As you give light to others, you encourage others to do the same and as time goes on, a force is formed, revolution occurs and there is the birth of community

6. Your Weakness is a Gold Nugget

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. Brené Brown

Maybe you have looked at your weakness with contempt. Maybe you feel that you are not enough. It is not your fault but it is how the world has labeled your weakness.

However weakness becomes an opportunity, a gold nugget only if you recognize it. 

credit: Ikechi Awazie;

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  1. Excellent post! I truly believe that our weakness is really “strength” in disguise. It is meant to teach us so that we can share with others what we’ve learned. Through my trials I have become stronger than ever! Thank you for sharing!! :)

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