Authority deploy power
Flow is a function of capacity
The potential of your future is dependent on whom you associate with.
The power or the quality of a seed may limit the potential of the seed.
Be kind to all, but pay attention to those who have access to you and the kind of access they have.
Who you allow into your space has the capability to stunt your growth or spike it high.
You will be deeply affected by what you hear and those you love.
Words have power and not all people around you will love you enough or even know how to use the right words—Ubi Franklin

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I learned something yesterday about seasons. Life is seasonal, this isn’t a new idea, we know it’s darkest before the light. What I learned yesterday is not to curse the darkness. This resonated with me and I remembered that I’ve done some of my best work in darkness. Dark seasons are a preparation for something greater. Anyone that has achieved success will tell you you many tales of darkness. How do you remain positive in the face of adversity, how do you remain productive and active in trying times? The Pastor from Accelerate had the perfect answer, you do NOT reason like a child. You must understand the seasons of life. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when it is their time. Work hard and stay focused, your season is about to change for the better. It’s your race to run and yours alone, no one can run it for you. God has given you everything you need. Do not be arrogant enough to presume to know His plan nor doubt where He has put you. Just put in the work — Maje Ayida


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