There is a lot  of negativity in the world.

Many people have been left with unfinished projects, job losses, businesses shutting down, marriages are crashing etc.

Remember that in the midst of all these chaos, there is hope for you.

  • Hope to know that God still rules and reigns in the affairs of humans.
  • Hope to believe that God has good plans for you and his plans are not of evil
  • Hope to keep moving forward and not throw in the towel, I tell you never give up
  • Hope to look inwards and receive divine inner strength.Image result for psalm 55 22 niv                                                                  


“Nothing conquers the chaos around me like the calm assurance that I am at peace with God.” ― Ron Brackin

“Let go of all your worries, embrace hope, Live your life without any fear, Do not worry! The Almighty God knows all your need. Worry less, Pray more.”Lailah Gifty Akita

Don’t let your current situation  alter your confessions.

Your life is not over

Your business will surely thrive again

Your family will be restored

Your body will respond to treatment

You will make it in Jesus Name

There is hope in the promise of the cross 

And this hope is an anchor for our soul

 God is MIGHTY, UNSHAKEABLE and he care for YOU



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