Declare that you’re seated with Christ far above all principalities. God’s Kingdom will be established in your business.Your vision is much smaller than what God wants for you.

Don’t be afraid to dream big, God is able to bring it pass.Faith comes by consistently hearing the Word of God. Use the authority of the Word, there is power in the Word of God.

Those things you have been praying for and seeking after are already yours by grace. But you can only receive and enjoy them by faith.

God has already blessed you with all spiritual blessings. All blessings are first are spiritual before they emerge in the physical.

Jesus paid the price for all your sins. However, grace is not a license to sin, it’s an excuse for righteousness.
Command doors to open and favor to forever be your portion. Pray that your desires and God’s will not be in conflict.

Speak to the mountain of debt, unemployment, barrenness, premature death to be removed in Jesus name!

Declare that you’re free from frustrations or prayerlessness that prevents the manifestation of God’s Kingdom in your business

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Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes you and the things that concerns you –UbiFranklin


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