African childhood memories

Children of this generation didn’t have half of the fun most children from the 80’s-90’s had. The memories are countless from cartons, movies, currency, school, uniforms, games, dressing, food/snack, drinks, sweets, chewing gum, phones the list can go on and on.

            Here are a few of the memories

1. Memories of bathing in the rain or wearing colourful rain coats.

Image result for photo of african kids on the rain


2. Memories of when you sleep on the couch and you wake up in the morning and realize that you are on the bed.

3. When going to steal cashew, guava, agbalumo from the next street or your neighbors house and their dog comes from the backyard to chase you.

4. When your milk tooth removes you would throw it on the roof for the lizards to take it and give you new ones.

5. Moments when you put your arm in your shirt and tell people that you lost your arms.

6. When the major games where ten-ten, suwe, mokpa, police and thief, mummy and daddy, who is in the garden, tinco-tinco, change your style and skipping.

Image result for african childhood memories


7. Days you sang “Sandalili, Sandalili” instead of “Standard living, Standard living”, “Home my Home”.

8. Days when you go to school, line up and the Headmaster or teachers go round to check your nails, uniforms and hair.

9. Days when shoes with light were the happening thing. Christmas gown for girls was flowered and it had a cap with rubber that you put under your jaw.

10. Days when you make kites with either paper or nylon with brooms and fly them.

11. Days when you cook food with grass, use mud to mold human beings or objects and also build houses with sands.

12. Days when you write your name in paper and insert it into a pen so no one would steal it and also the biro that had three colours in it.

13. Days when you wave at white birds expecting your nails to be whiter.

14. When you use cover of paint buckets with hangers as tires to drive along streets.

15. When you use milk containers and cantas to make cars and wearing pant wasn’t a big deal.

Image result for african childhood memories

All these memories and more made childhood interesting. If you could have anything back from your childhood what would it be?

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credit: Chisom


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