Everyone is good at something

You know the problem with the world? I will tell you. People want to fit into a certain specification. People want to do things they cannot do or are not good at. People want people to do things based on certain standards that were set by God know who.

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Parents want their children to be like or have a certain talent they have seen work for other people. Parents train all their children to grow up a certain way, or do certain things at certain ages, or whatever, being unaware of the fact that every one of them is an individual, a separate individual if I may add.

It is all just crazy, really. When those people do not excel in what they have been pushed or subjected to do, they start hearing things like “You are good at nothing”, “I wonder what you can do in this life”, “You are not smart”, “You will not amount to anything”.

And people do not even help matters. A man sees a friend or colleague excelling at something, and he wants to do that same exact thing, not realizing that is not his strength and is setting himself up for disaster. Then he expects the same results and ends up casting himself down and beating himself up when results are not as expected. Then he recalls what his parents said to him and he thinks “Maybe, I really am not good at anything”. It is funny, really and very sad.

You are a very good programmer and I cannot write 10 lines of code without drawing all my hairs out, but I fail to realize that I can analyze problems critically.

Musa is a pro in public speaking, he moves the crowd. And Ade is not. But Ade is an extraordinary teacher, when he teaches, his students understand it like they have always known it.

The only way out of this rot is to break away from the norm, which we are indeed scared of doing. Break away and pass it on to future generations.

But to break the norm, we have to realize that we are all good at something and also stop judging people according to a standard set by us, humans. Like it is said, you cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, or something along those lines. You catch my drift.

We all have talents and gifts deposited in each of us that we should use to make our individual worlds a better place. I said our individual worlds and not the world because our first point of impact should be our circles, our environment. That is story for another time.

Your responsibility now should be to stop comparing yourself with others, find what you are good at and be good at it.

Make it your own. Distinguish yourself.

That is what makes you unique, different.

Be unapologetically you, and take the world by storm.

Everyone is good at something. EVERYONE!!!

So, I can sing melodiously, and you cannot, but guess what, you write excellently.

credit:  Blessing Alikeju


2 thoughts on “Everyone is good at something

  1. Amen to that….a wise and true message…there is no point in running as fast as you can in the wrong direction…and no point in banging your head against a brick wall….that’s (hypothetically) what one does when one fails to discover and focus on their own gifts and talents. I love that you encourage us to find what is uniquely us and give it all we have for the betterment of others. Thanks for sharing :)

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