We all have our ideas about who an ideal woman should be. She’s hardworking, she’s strong, able to cater for the home, run several businesses and care for the children without breaking down.

Some have even taken to using the Proverbs 31 scripture as a weapon to criticise women.

Is it about what she does, or who she is?

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The word total means complete, whole, absolute, comprehensive, etc.

A woman is a creature born with the genitals, organs of a female human being. Just saying. winks

How is a woman Incomplete?

Different stories play out in the lives of women today and unfortunately they sound alike. One woman Rita, educated and beautiful is subjected to emotional abuse and threatened to have her children taken from her.

Elaine is beaten to a pulp every now and then, and she’s too afraid to cry out and explains it away as “she provoked him to anger”.

Stories abound of how ladies are used and dumped (pardon me) in relationships with men, and it happens over and over.

So many of us have carried baggage from our past, in form of spiteful words and have our spirits crushed, broken and self-esteem kicked to the curb.

Many tend to drown those voices with food, alcohol, partying from night to night, using drugs to keep them always in the excited state.

And so a lot of women suffer from several health issues, from high blood pressure, diabetes, weight issues, and eating disorders to severe autoimmune diseases. And studies have shown that women are more prone to these autoimmune diseases than their male counterparts. For some, it is as high as 9 out of 10 individuals with the autoimmune disorders eg Lupus. Depression also ranks high among them.

Many times, in an effort to get better you find that women are addicted to pain killers, antidepressants and they are now worse off than when they had started.

Why do most women suffer in these forms?

Like the doctors say, treat the root cause and the symptoms would vanish.

As women, we have a primary need to love and be loved.

It’s a need that cuts across the sexes but for some reason, women express this more.

The manner they go about fulfilling this need will determine to a large extent how their lives will play out.

The well being of a woman on her inside is very important in determining how well she will eventually be on the outside.

And so what a woman is on the outside, her health, mannerisms, actions and reactions are a product of what and who she is on her inside.


A Complete woman is whole.

She is not

  • Broken
  • Deficient
  • Hurt
  • Impaired
  • Sick

She is a picture of robust health, spirit, soul and body. Her spirit is whole and alive. Her soul is full and giving, her body is healthy and full of vitality.

How many women are complete?

This is scary to imagine because the more beautiful a woman is, the more likely she is to have inner battles that no one knows about. The more wealth she amasses, the more isolated she can feel if she’s not a Complete Diva.

For example, research has shown that only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. For this statistic alone, please next time you see a woman, give a sincere compliment.

It doesn’t really matter whether you cover it up with fine clothes, beautiful jewelries and have talents and fame to back it up. If there is a void in your inside, it will eventually show.

This is the reason why you have suicides among celebrities and you wonder, why kill yourself, when you have it all?

They don’t.

Wholeness is not found in how many likes and comments your picture has on Facebook, neither is it found in how many influential people you have direct access to.

It begins with you.

How does this affect you?

Are you a woman? If yes, then are you complete?

If you can look at the parameters above and walk with your head held high saying, I am complete, then drumrolls…. Congratulations.

If not, not to worry. We are all work in progress.

You can be whole again. It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past or who has hurt you so badly. You can be complete.

You are not damaged beyond repair.

There is hope for you.

You can be complete.

Benefits of being Complete

A complete woman is an asset any day anytime.

She is a valuable team player in the work place, she is a source of joy and comfort to her family and friends and she contributes to the well being of others.

  • Is at peace with herself and everyone.
    The Complete woman has an aura of peace. She is not in fierce competition with any one. She is driven and vision-oriented but not petty.
  • She is resourceful. Because she’s healthy spirit, soul and body, she is able to make valuable contribution to her immediate environment.
  • She’s a joy to be around. She has an amiable personality. This doesn’t mean that if she changed from an introvert to becoming an extrovert. It just means that all who come in contact with her, finds her like-able.
  • She’s secure in herself and so is able to help build others. She is mindful of her past errors and is quick to lend a helping hand to anyone that represents where she’s coming from.

Isn’t that a beautiful place to be? You are welcome to leave your comments and sign up to our list to join the other amazing women on this journey to being the very best of themselves.



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