Image result for biblical womenMany women has being thrown outside because they have delayed in child bearing and as a result of that, she was frustrated and sent out of the house while other became 2nd wife like Hanah and Sarah, while Haggai and Peninah take over from them because of their In-law who control their husband to destroy his marriage, some in-law comes in as if they are the head of the family wanting to dictate to the husband because his wife hasn’t deliver a baby yet, some useless in-law will come in and be telling the husband to go and marry another woman and chase away his wife, even if the woman have children, I’ve heard of some in-law that gives the wife un-rest of mind whenever they are around because they don’t know how to deal with such wicked in-law instead they  go indoor and be crying like a baby.

Worry and anxiety is a great sin before the Lord, try to see this as an opportunity exercise your power as a child of God, go on your kneel and set enmity-between your husband and such in-laws, with this bible quotation. “ it’s written, What the Lord has joined together let no in-law put asunder” you will be mentioning his/her name and begin to decree what you desire to happened between such in-law and your husband, tear them apart with your prayer. Don’t pray the prayer publicly, pray it secretly
you will be surprise seeing your husband defending you and chasing out such in-law, once your husband defends you, then you have won.


Even when your husband is defending you, don’t laugh, don’t even smile, even pretend to be on the side of the in-law, so that they will think you are siding them, but go inside again and increase the fire of your prayer, speak in tongue to tear them apart. You have every legal right to do so because they have sinned by trying to put asunder what God has joined together, that’s why God will support you. And you must never stop until your husband finally sends such in-law out of the house. Even while he’s sending her out, begs your husband not to do so, but be speaking in tongue so that your husband will not  listen to your pleading, such in-laws must be sent out because God has decree that your husband must leave them to unite with you alone. Many women are afraid of their in-laws, what rubbish?


The bible in Psalm 45:10, …. forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house; and what God has joined together let no one put asunder, 
use this quote and see how the Lord will defend you, he honor his word so much that he exalt it above his name, once you say these, God answers speedily, and one useless village in-laws want to tear your marriage down and you are crying like a baby, then you are not serious. You must not use physical combat, don’t even exchange physical word, you must never even abuse such in-laws, the bible said our weapon are not physical but spiritual, even while your husband is trying to push him/her out, don’t laugh but beg him not to do so physically but spiritually keep telling him ride on, if you don’t try to stop your husband not to do that physically, they will say you have bewitched him, but increase your prayer to push them out, when you do such, that in-laws will respect you because you defended him/her despite all he/she did to you, but will never know that you are the one that set fire in-between them secretly, you must guide your marriage because you will give account for it on the last day. Thanks


Many women don’t know the success of their husband is in their hand. A woman who always curse her husband because he hasn’t being giving her much even when she herself knew he doesn’t have much will always remain in poverty. Don’t push your husband against God, women don’t know they have the power to drive their husband to a higher level. The main reason why they don’t know this is because they don’t know their position in the man’s life. The bible called you helper, if your husband find it difficult to move higher in life, it is your duty as the helper to push him higher.


I don’t know if many women don’t believe in the God they are serving, there are many thing that are incomplete in the life of man, but when a woman go secretly to pray for him, it will surely be complete. Your prayer as a wife will surely open a way for your husband, even if your husband has done something that has blocked him from achieving something good, God will reveal the secret to you in dream. Joel2:28, only if you don’t trust his word. Don’t do it when he’s there, pray for him and fast for him without letting him know, his way will be opened. Satan don’t want many women to know this secrete, Bible quotation to use is like 1 Timothy 5:8 But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.


Report this quote to God and remind him of his word, then tell him your husband has being struggling but unable to provide because he doesn’t have it, you never instituted marriage for us to starve, open my husband way and bless him, God answer this word speedily because he doesn’t want any stain to his word,
Quote words wile psalm37:25, Phil4:19, Psalm34:17-20, Phil4:6-4 etc. don’t curse him, don’t abuse him, don’t advice him to do what his mate are doing at work (fraud) you can’t be against God and be for him at same time, stop repeating it that he doesn’t have, you should prophesy positive into his life because you are part of him already, you are there to support him, that’s why the bible called you HELPER
This generation which we are is more terrible and worst than Sodom and Gomorrah; I want you to know that you must never trust anyone, not even your church member. If your husband is a pastor, you must protect him with your prayer everyday from strange women else your own prayer will be hindered. There are ways men can commit adultery in the heart and your bed will be defiled and you won’t know that. these is the master plans of the devil today, many pastors are committing adultery even right on the alter through their heart, we believe only Lot and his house hold were righteous, but the same righteous Lot was the one giving out his daughter to be rapped to save the stranger in the house, the same lot children drunk and slept with their father, they have being influenced negatively by the city of Sodom, you must pray for your husband else you will lost him into the hands of a strange women
pick his picture and say, James Aderibigbe my husband, may the Lord keep you from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman , you must never Lust after her beauty in your heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids., no matter how seductive they appear before you, they will never be able to charm you because it’s a sin to lust after a woman in thy heart. Only my love shall fill your heart
this are the kind of prayer you must pray all the time as a wife if you don’t want to lose your marriage, but if you are a woman who is too lazy to pray, you can’t last in your husband house, that’s the pure truth.
I use to see some men who goes to the market for their wife, I’ve seen some men buying meat, pepper, vegetable, fish etc for their wife, and this is very good, but some women don’t appreciate it, they will just look at it and just as if they have done their duty, it’s your duty but he only assisted you so learn to appreciate him, 80% of men will never do that for their wife, don’t complain that he bought fake even if he does, but emphasized more on the good aspect, don’t tell him they have cheated him, even when they have, try to close your eyes to those faulty part and thank him, doing this he will like to do more.


I will tell you that men always want to be honored by their wife except the crazy ones, he will love to do more than that for you to make you happy whenever he remember how you appreciated him, at times you may be sick and not be able to do any work, some men don’t know how to cook while some does, if your husband does the cooking, he may not keep the kitchen in order, he can put the cup on the microwave and put the spoon on the gas cooker, he may liter the floor with water etc, it’s possible for the man not to be as neat as the wife in kitchen, but close your eyes to these faulty part and appreciate him as if he has done a great thing, even if the food is not sweet enough, don’t tell him his food is tasteless.
When your husband pick up a broom to sweep the floor, it’s your duty but you should appreciate him, it is very wrong to be telling your husband to pick the broom and sweep, you don’t tell him this is what you will do, the children will do this and I will do that. go and wash the plate and sweep the floor while I do the cooking, it’s good if he decided to do these but not on your own instruction, that is not love but bewitchment and you are not wise, but if you appreciate him he will do more, but many women see this as a normal duty for the man, when they stop doing this for them they will become offended, that is the spirit of Jezebel manifesting in you. Some women will be telling their husband I’m not your house maid, do you marry a slave? Learn to humble yourself before your husband
There is something you should be able to tolerate as a wife. Example. Many times your husband can be careless or not neat and too rough. Probably many time you have being telling him not to put his cloth on the chairs but he continue doing the same thing you have warned him of, continue tolerating it as a wise woman, keep complaining to him but tolerate it, it will takes you nothing if you pick it up and put it in right place as a good wife.


Even if your husband come back from work and drop his shoe on the main road, the following morning when he need the shoe, he won’t go and ask the road where he dropped it, he will ask the woman where is my shoe, don’t reply him harshly even if it’s unwise question, but go in and give it to him and tell him where you picked it from, give what belong to Cesar unto Cesar, don’t let a man push you to sin against God. it won’t take anything from you if you answer with soft answers
Many woman always want to compare their husband with their friends husband, the fact is this, many of those who gives you wrong counseling don’t have happy home at all, because you see their husband dropping them in the office with their cars doesn’t mean she’s happy with the man, but all you see is her husband picks her from work and dropped her in office everyday, because of that you’ll begin to take counseling from her.


I’ve even heard of a woman who denies her husband sex for year, at the counsel of her friend, you are the most foolish woman who destroys her home, do you know the kind of woman she is that you seek advice from her? Because she dresses like a woman, what makes you think she’s a human? 70% women in the world are possessed with evil spirit. Do you even know if she’s a marine agent sent to attack your marriage?
“ Jer5 :26 For among my people are found wicked men: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men.” 
She became your friends because she want to destroy you, that’s why she’s giving you such devilish advice
If you can deny your husband sex for a year and he goes to look for it elsewhere, who are you going to blame? 
Some women don’t know they are somebody to be loved, every man is attractive by what they see, the bible said not until you have direct sex with a woman before you have commit immorality but it’s possible for a man to have sex with a woman in his heart, many men lust after other women because of what they see in them which they desire but their wife lacks it, many women makes themselves an old bride to their husband, this will pushed him into the laps of Delilah.


This is a serious warning to born-again sisters, you can dress beautiful and yet not worldly. you don’t need to look horrible before the whole world can know you are born-again, at times when I see some pastors wife, they look very much older than their husband, many suddenly become 80’s when they are still 40’s in the name of being born-again, if you have a husband who is an unbeliever, he will look outside, because when he’s suppose to be looking at a beautiful woman but he’s seeing his grandmother. When he’s trying to introduce you to his friend you look like his grandmother, what is your problem? TRY TO CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY
“Psam45:10 Hearken, O daughter, and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father’s house; ….
You need to forget about your father’s house totally as a place to report what’s going on in your home
It’s not all the time you go reporting your husband to your pastor, but you only do that if it’s beyond your capacity for counseling, many men no matter how you try to please them it seems they are not appreciative but it’s a lie, whatsoever you are doing he’s watching you, don’t give up but keep doing it. I want you to know that you can’t preach to your husband, he will never listen to your preaching, but that good attitude of yours will convert him.

credit: Ay Gbenga Elufidipe



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