Image result for biblical womenI want you to know that the spiritual control the physical, many ladies who snatches other men wife don’t do it ordinarily but uses demonic power and spells which they terms as remote control, through foods and some other means, and moreover the queen of the coast has manufactured some seducing cosmetics that are highly demonic and powerful such that it draws men to women, whenever ladies uses these cosmetics, men will just be flooding around her, not to marry them, but to sleep with them, those are the works of these cosmetics and if you have an unsaved husband, he can be charmed by these demonic seducing cosmetic because there are unseen forces that are attached to it which can’t be seen with naked eyes.

Once things like this occurs, you as a child of God, what do you do? If your husband is running after another woman due to the spell on him, what do you do to break the spell? your husband married you legally and that house belong to you, if eventually your husband sent you out and brings in another lady then it’s your negligence as a wife. God has given you everything you need as a wife to control your home including your husband but you don’t know, but instead, you are looking for a way out where there is no way. A Christian woman who doesn’t know the power and the importance of the word of God will find herself being trampled on by the children of the devil.


How can you as a wife cook your husband food, wash his cloths, iron his cloths, uses the same toilet and sleep on same bed with him, you even have access to his pillow, his comb, soap, cream, shoes, pants etc and you call yourself a Christian woman and you can’t charm him through the power of the word of God?, but a Delilah outside only gave him a cup of water and plate of food and she gain access to everything, who should have more access to control your husband, you who lives with him or the stranger outside?


Let me teach you on how you as a Christian woman can charm your husband through the word of God and prayer? 
Example James Aderibigbe, the son of Tinuola Johnson, you are my husband because God gave you to me and no Haggai or Delilah should come in between us for the bible said, that which you have hold it fast, James, I hold you fast as my husband so no one can take you away from me, so therefore as you are going to be eating this food, my love will fill your heart and you will never desire any other woman food again, I plead the blood of Jesus into this food, as you are eaten it you will be free from any demonic polluted food you have eaten that has become an evil remote controlling you against me. God gave you to me and it’s an abomination to share you with another woman because it’s called adultery and marriages must be holy and it bed undefiled.

God is love and the bible said, husband love your wife, so I cast the spell of love into this food in the name of Jesus, as you are eating this food, my love in your heart will be increasing, as you sleep on this bed, my love will fill your heart, as you uses this soap, you will always desire to have me around you, as you uses this comb, you will always think about me because God is love…etc. It may not work immediately but I assure you that if you are a genuine child of God, it will definitely work for you because God respect his words and honor the prayer of his children.

For the past 10 to 20 years you have being suffering with that man, how can someone who never knew how you have struggled with the man just come one day and take possession of all you have labored for? And instead of you to deal with her spiritually, you kept on going from one pastor to mountain, crying and thinking and end up developing high blood pressure, you need to be flogged. But compare the prayer you as a legal wife cast on your husband foods and items and the black charm a strange woman use for your husband outside, which one will work?


you are the one making your marriage looks like hell, if you can’t pray as a wife, you will suffer in your marriage, many ladies relax because their husband is a pastor, I think you need to wake up because that is why you even need to pray more for him else you will lost him. Cast the spell of prayer on his cloth as he put it on, his pillow to dream and think of you always, his sponge, pants, and everything he uses on daily bases, anoint your room in the middle of the night with the word of God and blood of Jesus, 


Quote Song of Solomon 8:6-7: “Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm, for love is strong as death, jealousy is fierce as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, he would be utterly despised.” etc
only then you can enjoy the blessings in marriage, at times you will just see that every time your husband want to be around you, that is the secrete, his love for you will be stronger than before , and you will see him coming home with all kind of gifts as if he’s trying to propose to you newly.

You can also use word like  Song of Solomon 4:9: “You have captivated my heart, my sister, my bride; you have captivated my heart with one glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace.” James Aderibigbe the son of Tinuola Johnson, when I was younger you proposed to me, If you do not desire me you will never proposed to me, you  desire me and God desire me for you, that was why we became husband and wife, and the bible said rejoice with the wife of thy youth, so I decree that every power wanting to quench that love in you, perish in Jesus name. Hence forth each time you set your eyes on me, according to this bible scripture, my face will captivate your heart, you will not be able to rest until you see me, and each time you set your eyes on me, your love for me will continue to increase in your heart because I have captivated your heart”.



You don’t know the power God has given to you as a wife over your husband. You don’t know what you have, before a married man can lust after another woman outside, it’s because his love for his wife is no longer there, but it’s your duty to put it back as a wife, fighting him will never solve any problem. Your husband is running after tiny trouser girls outside is not enough reason to be crying and worrying yourself about, or going to pastor reporting him, you only do that when God is not answering your prayer and that can’t be true. You don’t even know if your anointing is greater than the pastor you are running after, the bible said this sign shall follow them that believed.


Even the pastor you are reporting to is not an angel; do you know what he’s passing through in his house? And if the man overheard that you are reporting him up and down it will even complicate the matter, he can decide to leave the church and go somewhere else, but deal with him yourself, three days fasting is enough to deal with such husband
even if you don’t want to use any of his items to control him, go into one day fasting and lay hand on your private part to decree a word on him, this is a serious remote control, many women don’t know the power and covenant of two becoming one flesh through sex, devil himself respect sex so much because it’s one of his best weapon. 

credit: Ay Gbenga Elufidipe

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