Frustration and Purpose: An Unlikely Partnership

Inspirational Contemplation

Then the people of the land weakened the hands of the people of Judah and hired counsellors against them to frustrate their purpose – Ezra 4:4, 5

Frustration.  Such an ugly word, yet you’ll hear the sound of its name pronounced in some form or other, its praises ringing like a chorus to the culprit responsible for the slow-down or stoppage of any good work in progress.  Any undertaking of something positive or worthwhile will sooner or later find itself scheduled for a twelve round title fight with frustration… or maybe in some cases it’s a street brawl or just an all out war complete with the tragic stories of casualties that are all too familiar during times of war.

Indeed an encounter with frustration can be fatal, especially to your dreams that you once hotly pursued with all of the excitement that comes from finding something that it feels…

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