List Of Traditional Marriage Requirements From different part of Nigeria(YORUBA AND IGBO)

A Yoruba man  pursues his traditional Yoruba woman by direct approach or by approaching member of the bride’s family or any other way they deemed fit.  Once they have agreed that they love each other and will like to take the relationship to the next stage. They will both inform their parents.  The consent of the bride’s family is important and the groom and his family are usually happy to have that consent.  Yoruba traditional marriage entails two stages which are introduction and engagement.Image result for yoruba bride price list

List Of Items  expected from the Groom TO Marry his Bride in YORUBALAND?

  • Aso-oke, Yoruba traditional cloth
  • Bible if she is from a Christian family or Koran if she is a Muslim. This is to tell you that religion play significant roles in Yoruba traditional marriage.
  • She-Goat
  • Sugar Cane
  • Palm oil and vegetable oil, 25litres and above
  • Engagement Ring
  • Kola Nut
  • Bottle of honey
  • Alligator pepper-about 40 piece
  • Bag of rice *
  • Box/Suitcase of clothes
  • Maize/corn plus different types of fruits and so on.
  • Things like, Salt, Soft drinks, cash for some customary rites but the bride price of #5,000 is a must that the groom must pay to the parents of the girl he intends to marry.

 Secondly is the endless list of traditional marriage requirements of  (Mbaise people) IgboLand.

In Igboland if you happen to marry their first daughters you  might even pay more. Don’t be alarmed aint here to scarce you. kikiki. Igbo’s are  similar to the Yoruba’s.They do  introduction with the families first,then make decision on a date for the main traditional ceremony where all the extended families  and friends can come together to rejoice with the new couples.The bride is usually dressed in a complete Igbo traditional wear.

Image result for yoruba bride price list          Traditional Marriage List For The Family 

Image result for mbaise bride

  •  Ego maternity N1,000
  • 1 Body cream, lux soap and big towel
  • Ego ogo cherem N 50,000
  •  20 tubers of yam
  •  20 sizable Snails
  • Okporoko (stockfish) 1 big tray
  • Ibu or Ngwa Efere Nwanyi:
  • Fourty tubers of yam
  • One tin of red oil (palm oil)
  • Two legs of goat (Ukwa anu ewu)
  • Morning rose powder
  • 25 pomade
  • Ten packets of Sugar
  • Ovaltine – 2 big size
  • Bar soap – 1 carton
  • Tablet soap – 1 carton
  • One carton of bar soap
  • One carton of tins of milk
  • Twenty four loaves of bread
  • One bag of rice
  • One carton of tin tomatoes
  • Five to ten pieces of Okporoko (Stockfish)
  • Two pieces of Hollandis wrapper
  • 25 litres of Kerosene
  • 2 bags of salt
  • Six crates of Soft drin
  • 40 bulbs of sizable Onions
  • Ten thousand naira, Ego ala abo
  • One thousand naira, Ego nfotu ite
  • Two big basins
  • Two family sized umbrellas
  • George material – 2 pieces
  • One rubber of Groundnut oil (25 litres)
  • Blouse material – 2 pieces
  • Two Head ties of high quality
  • Wrist watch –
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Big box
  • Lamp
  • Hand bag
  • One or more pieces of Nigerian wax
  • Gold necklace and ear ring

2. Traditional Marriage List For First Daughters In The Family (Umuada):

1 Bottles of seaman’s schnapps
2. 8 Packets of Benson and Hedges
3. 8 heads of tobacco with potash
4. 1 Goat for umunna
5. 2 Crates of minerals
6. 1 Carton of maltina
7. 2 Cartons of star beer
8. 1 Carton of Guinness small stout
9. Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent
10. 2 Bottles of Ground snuff
11. Lump sum (Ogbe-ego) N2,000
12. 8 Kola nuts or the monetary equivalent

Part B, The second Section

1. 20 Kola nuts or cash equivalent
2. 20 Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent
3. 2 Crates of minerals
4. 2 cartons of maltina
5. 2 cartons of Guinness small stout
6. 10 cartons of star beer
7. One roll of Benson and Hedges
8. 12 Heads of tobacco with potash
9. 4 bottles of seaman’s schnapps
10. 4 bottles of ground snuff
11. Ego ala ezi N1,500
12. Officers money N1,000

Part C, The third SECTION

1. 32 kola nuts or cost price
2. 30 gallons of palm-wine or cost price
3. 2 crates of minerals
4. 2 cartons of maltina
5. 2 cartons of Guinness small stout
6. 10 crates of Star beer
7. Two rolls of Benson and Hedges
8. 32 Heads of tobacco with potash
9. 4 bottles of seaman’s schnapps
10. Umunna Ahuna Ego
11. Toasting of wine
12. 1 bottle of seaman’s schnapps with 500 naira for Onye Eze (Village chief)
13. Ego Umuama N1,000
14. Ego mpatu Anya (Jealousy money) N1,200
15. Ego mkpotu (Noise money) N1,400
15. Ikpo Onu Aku Nwanyi (Bride price)  Negotiable

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To be continued…………….

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7 thoughts on “List Of Traditional Marriage Requirements From different part of Nigeria(YORUBA AND IGBO)

  1. Innocent

    Yes good list but all writing here, can be bought with $500 dollars only. but those who has enough spend more than $10.000 dollars to 100.000 dollars, depends as you want your marriage to be. and popularity of the both family matters.

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  2. This post goes to show that every part of Nigeria does things similarly – including marriages,, even though not everything in the list is the same. Nice writeup.


  3. lol I always say a woman is priceless. If a man can do more. please do so. In America some people pay millions of dollars to marry ladies. Yet a woman is priceless, However that does not mean that if a man who is not able to pay should not marry…#the message here is that a woman is priceless


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