List Of Traditional Marriage Requirements for Edo and Calabar/Efik/Akwa Ibom

Related imageWhen a man shows interest and a girl is of a marriageable age in Calabar/Efik,  the girl is sent into a fattening process to gain some weight in preparation for her marriage. During this  fattening period, the girl is  cared for by older women and not  her mother for instance maybe her aunts or elderly women from their village. This fattening is to ensure the bride is healthy and fertile.

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Below are list of items the Groom has to buy to marry his Bride

1. Knocking drinks….One Brigadier Brandy, 1 bottle of star, and two minerals.

2. Prayer drinks…..One IMG dry Gin, two bottles of Star, two malts and two bottles of mineral.

3. Drinks for expressing intention….0ne Brandy, preferably Esplendido, three bottles of Star, two bottles of Stout (big), Four Gold malt, and two mineral.

4. Introduction Drinks…One bottle of (1501) big bottle, One MG dry Gin, Two Champdor red win, Six bottles of Star, Four bottles of Gulder, Six bottles of B/stout, Malts and minerals in any quantity with N30,000 cash.

5. Appreciation drinks…..One St. Remy, One MG Dry Gin, One Brgadier brand, Two Champdor red wine, Six bottles of Star, Four bottles of Gulder, and Stout, mineral/ malts with N10,000 cash.

After the celebrations, the newly married are then accompanied home with their traditional folk dances which signifies the success of the occasion.

Secondly is the traditional marriage in Edo State, The List And Requirements:  

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Edo people are known for travelling alot. Their women are very beautiful

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As a Groom this is what you need to marry your bride:

  • The Holy Bible
  • An Umbrella
  • A box filled wrappers
  • NI,500 for the dowry
  • N5,000 for the bride’s mother
  • N9,000 for the bride’s lineage
  • N3,000 for the bride’s father
  • N6,000 for the women in bride’s lineage
  • 28 tubers of yam (7X4)
  • 14 tubers of yam for elders in the bride’s lineage
  • 6 Cartons of beer for the men, could be less sometimes.
  • 3 Crates of malts for the women
  • 25 litres of palm oil
  • 1 jar of palm wine (get the real measurement locally)
  • 2 bottles of Schnapps
  • 1 Plate of Kola nut
  • 1 Carton of wine for sundry usage, usually in the possession of the groom

To be continued………..

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