It was a very sad news, pastor John broke down, wept bitterly, and with great fear he rushed to the altar of God saying;

“This is where I preached about repentance and holiness. This is where I warned sinners time without number.”
He fell on his face and said, “Is this a dream?, No, it should be a dream, the rapture took place but I was left behind!”
As he was saying that, he heard a woman crying, she had cut herself with blade and was bleeding, because she felt so bad, that despite the position that she handled in the church, she could still missed the rapture.

However, when pastor John heard her crying and coming toward the direction of the church, he quickly ran and hid himself in the store room.

There were thousands of thought going on in his head, and he was constantly saying, “What is next?, What shall become of my end?, Will I also receive the mark?, I was so zealous for evangelism. I preached nothing but the truth. I preached about rapture, I have preached it almost all over . I was working for God but not walking with God”.

“Everyday, i fight my wife, and refuse to control my temper while talking with my children. I never made my way right on this. Here, my woe has come, my wife has gone, and my children as well. How I wish I have not been appointed as a pastor. How I wish I never got married. How I wish I was not born”.

However, he stylishly looked at the lady that entered the church with great tears, rolling down like a stream of water, blood gushing out of her face , surprisingly that was the Sunday school teacher in pastor John’s church.

The pastor became so amazed and remembered how his Sunday school teacher would constantly declare with boldness, “Come to my house, and see the life I’m living. My husband and children can testify to this.”
Then pastor John became so amazed, but was so much ashamed to come out of the store to ask why she missed it.

But suddenly, the foundation of the church began to shake. Then with fear, the Sunday school teacher stood up and rushed inside the church store, but surprisingly found pastor John there. She nearly doubted her eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that pastor John could miss it.

With great shame, pastor John said, “I am the one”.
The Sunday school teacher said, “We were inside the bus, I mean church bus going for evangelism with all the members. I was feeding my baby, then he suddenly disappeared. I screamed, none of us were raptured, except my baby. Then with fear, we all rushed into the bush and hid ourselves, since we all know what should follow”.

Pastor John asked, “Why did you missed it?
She replied, “All my profession to be a good wife was just a lie, not only that, I cheated on my husband severally”.

Then a voice like a thunder, shouted, “John and Mary come out now, at last you belong to me”.

The question that pastor John pondered on was, “Where is the testimony of my salvation?”.
Then he woke up and discovered it was a dream.

He called solemn assembly in the church, to narrate the vision. After the vision has been narrated, members came out and exposed themselves, all of them had lost the testimony of their salvation.

Brothers and sisters, I ask you the same question, “ Where is the testimony of your salvation?”.

Yes, you have given your life to Christ long time ago, but is the testimony of your salvation still fresh like the beginning? 
Remember how you started! You hated the world passionately.
Is this testimony still there in your life?

The things of the world always irritated you. But now, when you see the things of this world, what do you say? Don’t you say, “How I wish I can get this”, “How I wish I can do it”, “Lord, I cannot do without this”.

I ask you again, “Where is the testimony of your salvation?”

Remember, when you started, you hated immorality passionately and desperately. But now, don’t you desire and look for immorality by all means?
Where is the testimony of your salvation?

When we shall stand to give account of our life on earth before the great and terrible God, there will be thorough check-up on our salvation. Our salvation will be examined thoroughly. The testimony of our salvation shall be examined thoroughly.

The salvation you rely on as at now, hope is it not counterfeit salvation?
Though you started well, but are you still a new creature?
Is this the salvation that rapture requires?
Is this the salvation that heaven requested for?

How can you escape, when you neglect so great salvation? (Hebrews 2:3).

Who will you blame when you are left behind, because of your counterfeit salvation?
Who will you blame when you are left behind, because of your counterfeit salvation?
God cannot be blamed.
Everyone for his own damn,for his own woe, for his own blood.

How sure are you that the salvation you claim to have is original?
Check the testimony of your salvation today, because this may be requested from you today. Then if requested, what will you show?

Working For God But Not Walking With God.
(2 Kings 9:1-3, 6-7) 2 Kings 9:1-13
We are using Jehu as a case study.
Jehu was chosen by God and anointed by God. (2 Kings 9:11-13). Truly, he was called by God, anointed by God, and was given a very critical assignment. He held a very important post in Israel, even a king, a ruler but unfortunately, God was disappointed in him.

Jehu was a man of zeal. (2 Kings 9:22-24).
God had said he should destroy the house of Ahab and kill Jezebel and the enemies of God. He really pursued and overtook the enemies of God. He will never rest. He made sure he worked it all at once.
(2 Kings 10:11).
He completed his mission. (2 Kings 10:28). God applauded him for what he did, (2 Kings 19:30), but not how he walked with God.

Jehu was condemned by God. (2 Kings 10:31,35); “Truly you work, for me but you did not walk with me”.

I hope this is not your life. Truly, you are chosen and anointed by God, there is no shadow of doubt about it. This was confirmed to you in the dream, vision and through so many people. And when people see you, they say, “This is a real man of God”, because your calling was genuine.

And God gave you a critical assignment; 
“You will be the one to establish holiness and truth in this land. 
You will defeat the doctrine of Jezebel in the church. 
You will be a great musician, great evangelist, great Christian author, great missionary and through you, I will raise many people for My glory”.

You said, “I must get this by all means”, because of what God had said.
You pursued and overtook, gradually through you people are coming to the knowledge of the truth.
You hold a very great position in the church. A pastor, a choir, usher or any other great post. And anywhere you passed, people said, “That is him/her”, “I love the way he/she walks”, “I love the way he/she dresses”, “I love his/her cool and gentle face”, “Can I ever be like him/her?”.

When people see you, they imitate you, and want to be like you because, you are so zealous and full of passion.

You say, “God had said I will defeat worldliness and establish truth in the land. He said I am a chosen vessel in my family, therefore I want to be that by all means”.

You are full of great zeal and people wished they could be like you.
Why? Because you always want to work it all at once. When others are tired, you tell them, “Let us do it at once”. When you pray in the public, you are like a man that know it all. You pray and spend long hours in prayer.
He will not eat for many days and people will say, “Lord, how about me, I need a zeal like that of him”, “I want to pray like him”.
People begin to imitate your prayer life.
He/she preach with great passion.

“Oh, I must disciple the whole nation”
“I will never compromise”.

His/her eyes is always fixed on the error of others. When he/she sees the error of others, he/she will say, “You are not even ashamed of yourself”, “He always lower the volume of His conscience”.

Sadly, brethren when such a person completed his work on earth. He shall stand to give account of his life on earth.

There are two things that would be examined in your life when you shall stand to give account of your work;

Your work for God. (Revelation 22:12).
Your walk with God. (Genesis 5:24).

God will applaud such a person, “You really worked for me, and your work for me has built a great mansion for you, but you cannot inherit it, because you worked for me but never walked with me”.
David knew this. (Psalm 26:1-3).

As you are working for God, what are your desires?
Do you still love old lifestyle, immorality, lying, fashion, anger?

What is the testimony of your walk with God?
Jehu worked for God, but did not walked with God. He still delighted in doing evil. He still desired old sinful past life. (2 Kings 10:31).

You may claim to be walking with God, but are you walking with Him in holiness and perfection?
Which account will you give about your walk with God?

What a powerful testimony to hear. You are full of passion, so zealous. You travel every time for evangelism and programs, going from city to city, from nation to nation, from country to country for the purpose of the work of God, but are you walking with God?

Do you have a personal walk with God?
What is the condition of the personal altar of God in your life?

If the answer to this question is negative, then is your name in the book of life? NO.

You may say, “How can that be possible?, I preach holiness, sanctification, about the kingdom of God, about the danger of hell. I do my best to disciple the whole nation”.

Yes, you preach holiness, but are you holy? Is your lifestyle holy, your conduct, your relationship with your wife, husband, children, neighbor, and people living with you, is it holy?

Yes, you preach sanctification, but are you sanctified? Hope your heart is not full of evil thoughts, immorality, bitterness, envy, jealousy, ungodly motive?
Are you sanctified?

Yes, you preach about the kingdom of God, but are you living as a citizen of heaven on earth?

Yes, you preach about the danger of hell, and you know about the danger of hell. But hope you are not a candidate of hell, though still on earth? Hope devil is not rejoicing because he already knows that you belong to him?
Are you a candidate of hell, though zealously working for God?

Yes, you try to disciple people through the gospel of holiness but are you a disciple of Christ? Where is the testimony of your salvation? Does heaven recognize you as Christ’s disciple? Does Christ recognizes you as His disciple?

Though the world may applaud you and shout on top of their voice, “This is Christ disciple” , but does Christ is recognize you?
You are working for God but not walking with God. If that is your life, forget about heaven and rapture.
(Psalm 102:2).

Backsliding from the faith is such a delicate time will exceedingly seal you up for terrible damnation.
Remember how you have once enjoyed the service of the Lord. How you have declared time without number that you love Him. Remember the great advantages you have enjoyed in the Lord more than the people of the world. The peace you enjoyed, the joy you enjoyed,how he delivered you from satanic plan to kill you, how he delivered you from such a great incident.

Do you think backsliding is the option to repay God back in time like this?
This will provoke God. This I’ll harden your heart not to think of this dangerous time. When you hear;
“Jesus is coming very soon”, you will not be moved. 
“Prepare to meet the Lord”, you will feel less concerned.
“Repent from your sins”, but you say, “I have heard this several times”.
Backsliding is dangerous to your soul at this dangerous time.

If therefore, you look back, there will be great anger, that God will swear in His wrath, that such a man will never enter His rest. (Numbers 14:22-23).

Hope you are not backsliding in the heart already, in such a time like this, like Lot’s wife?
Hope there is no great love, desire after the pleasure and enjoyment of the world?
Your heart is so much towards the world, that it is a difficult thing to keep your eyes from beholding the pleasures of the world. The face looks ready for the Lord, but the heart is yearning for the things of this world.

Are you so tired and discouraged? The heart is unsteady, not focused again, not committed again, not longing for heaven again, not longing for rapture again. Everything you are now doing is just by forcing yourself, because the heart is unwilling. This is backsliding of the heart.

Backsliding is a disease that is exceedingly secretive in its way of working. It comes gradually and steal on men without giving great signal. 
Then this make many to flatter themselves that they are not backsliding. But, before they know it, they would not care much again when they have lost their conviction. Then they blind themselves, and keep themselves insensible of their own disease.
If you asked, “Are you still in the Lord side?, they proclaim, “Yes, of course”.
They are not terrified of their backsliding, they still feel normal.

Awake now to the sense of your miserable condition.

Where is the testimony of your salvation?

If you are ready to give your life to Christ, please pray this prayer of salvation aloud:

Father, I come to you and ask You to forgive me of my sins in the name of Jesus. 
I ask that you wash me in the Blood of Jesus and make me clean. Right now, I am ready to become Your child. Please write my name in the Book of Life and give me the power to sin no more. I believe and I receive that I am a child of God in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I pray; amen.


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