NUTRITIONAL Benefits of Waterleaf (A Tropical Veggies from Africa)

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Season to grow waterleaf: Rainy Season

Nigeria has three Seasons: the Rainy Season, Dry Season and the Harmattan Season

Waterleaf is extremely abundant in the rainy season, easily propagated by cuttings and by seeds; it is quick growing and has a short life cycle making it a highly perishable vegetable.

Waterleaf is widely grown in West Africa, Asia, and South America. It is often harvested for  houehold consumption and cultivated in various parts of the tropics for its edible leaves. 

7 reasons why you should always eat water leaf vegetable


Image result for waterleaf in nigeria

According to a research conducted on Naij it says that Waterleaf helps the prevention of heart diseases and stroke: Eating water leaf on a regular basis has the ability to prevent you from having stroke and other heart related problems. it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and will this also includes the  lowering of blood pressure.

2. It enhances cognitive ability: Research has shown that water leaf has some positive effects on the neurons in the cerebrum and may improve one’s memory, perception and retaining abilities. It helps the body to keep fit and the mind to be sharp. 

4. The perfect remedy for weight loss: Water leaf could be taken regularly while on a diet plan which is aimed at weight loss. This is because the vegetable is low on calories and has high fiber content.

5. Treatment of diabetes: Consuming water leaf also helps diabetic patients as it regulates blood sugar levels in the body. Most of the staple foods consumed have glucose as their end product. Eating this vegetable helps you stick to a balanced diet and helps you to be fresh while you are conscious about your health. 

6. Reduction of blood cholesterol level: Another health benefit accrued to eating water leaf is its ability to reduce blood cholesterol levels because of its soluble fiber content. This would prevent one from developing chronic health issues at the long run. 



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