Image result for the rat race quotesWhat is the rat race? This is simply the competitiveness in the world. It could also be defined as a routine or a way of life in which people are  fiercely caught up with the struggle for materialism, power , position,wealth e.t.c. The term rat race has a negative connotation attached with it.  With reference to the businessdictionary:

       A rat race is similar to rats in a maze who competes against one another to be      the first to get the cheese. The cheese is a scanty reward, yet the rats continue to compete for this small prize. It further explains that, when one refers to the rat race, one visualizes rattled, unhappy people working long hours for little pay and little recognition. Yet they continue to participate in the rat race because their families depend on their earnings.

Honestly, the rat race causes many dissatisfaction and it…

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Childhood fun-filled memories in Nigeria

Nigeria may be seen as a country where people strive daily in order to survive; many people still have records of happy old days.  Childhood memories for most people in Nigeria is fun. Depending on the time, social status and class of the parents, children had a remarkable time during their childhood. Children might not …

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