Traditional Marriage in Hausa Land (AKA NORTHERN PART OF NIGERIA)

The Hausa population resides  in the northern parts of Nigeria. Hausa's are predominantly Muslims but few are Christians.  Hausa tribe are about half of Nigeria and they speaks Hausa language though different tribes among the Hausa have local languages. Hausa traditional marriage in Nigeria is mainly base on Islamic rites, religion and culture.   When a …

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Storms should not alarm anyone, for they have a short shelf life


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People resort to crying and weeping when their burden seems to have become unbearable without any hope of reprieve. Their tears flow out of burdened hearts and restless souls. This often has a sobering effect and God is touched by the tears of His loved ones.*

The Psalmist had been overwhelmed by oppression and anxiety. He had to rise up early to cry unto God, knowing that vain was the help of man. Most of the night, he was sleepless and troubled beyond what he could bear. Then, he sought help and hope through prayer and meditation on the Word. Praying and meditating on the testimonies and past deliverances of God gave him sustaining hope. He then asked God for a personal revival. Those who had no regard or respect for the word of God were those who oppressed him.

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*Every true believer should expect to be victimized or mocked…

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