Reasons why you should consider living in Port Harcourt City of Nigeria

Image result for port harcourt garden city Port Harcourt city of Nigeria also known as the Garden city attracts thousands of tourists every year, making it one of the most prominent cities in Nigeria.  

Here are reasons  why you should make Port Harcourt city your home


At some point in your life, you will have a need to be exposed to  places that’s completely different from yours.  Port Harcourt city offers the perfect location for you to experience a different culture;  Port Harcourt city is interconnected by their names. for example since it is mainly occupied by the Ikwerre people of Nigeria until recently where some part of Eleme and Oyigbo is now considered as PHC as well. The names of the cities in port Harcourt goes like this: Rumuokoro, Rumundara, RumuOkrusi, Rumuebekwe, Rumueme, Rumunduru, Rumuewhara, Rumunmasi and so on.  smile ):  Not all,  there are few others that sounds different. Port Harcourt has its own unique culture and you can learn a lot about the people as you immerse yourself in it.


Image result for azikiwe park in port harcourtThere are  lots of Jobs  from large multinationals companies like AGIP, MOBIL, SHELL. The number of companies that have set up shop in Port Harcourt city (PHC) is absolutely numerous. Nigeria as a nation maybe suffering a recession at the moment, but nevertheless, prospects in Port Harcourt city is good.

To add to this; Student who desire internship: There are plenty of jobs to help them develop their skills and establish their career in their chosen industries.


 Cost of living in Port Harcourt though not too cheap but is still  affordable as compared to other cities in Nigeria. Port Harcourt is hardly a city you would describe as notoriously expensive. The standard of living is still a little lower as compared to cities like Abuja and Lagos.


Image result for port harcourt bole and fish Admittedly, I lived in Port Harcourt city for years until lately before I discovered, Bole and Fish as a popular meal among the locals.  This is roasted plantain, fish and yam with a hot pepper sauce. With the diverse and exciting array of this delicious cuisine. It is wonderful to have it quite literally on tap wherever you go- it is sure to excite your taste buds and give you a reason to stick around.


Image result for port harcourt shopping mall Port Harcourt people love shopping.  you’ll be spoilt for choice with boutiques and Malls strategically positioned around town. Your friends will be dying to come up for a weekend, then you can always head to one of the many lounges  to put your feet up after showing off the miles of shopping heaven in the city. Active nightlife Nightlife in Port Harcourt is huge.

TRANSPORTATIONImage result for port harcourt city pictures You do not necessarily need to have a car when living in Port Harcourt since there are easy and well-organized transportation system.  Port Harcourt is  great, the commuters are calm and enter their choice of  transport system in an orderly manner. Even better, you can literally walk everywhere. For instance, you can trek (walk) from Waterlines to Agip or from mile-1 to Town, everywhere almost close to each other; unlike in Lagos and other metropolitan cities within the country where everywhere is just far from each other and walking could be difficult.


Image result for Events in port harcourt Port Harcourt embraces diverse music scenes, PHC is a great night out 7 days a week. A lot of silent places in the daytime suddenly come alive with music and activities that drag night owls from their homes to hubs, joints and hotels.

There are numerous live events hosted weekly in Port Harcourt, you’ll be sure to catch your favorite musical band in the nights. The city is of full of wonderful people. Port Harcourt city is populated by friendly, helpful and open-minded citizens. 

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