Nigeria’s undying love for stockfish

Image result for stock fish market in nigeriaStockfish is popular in various homes, and many Nigerians can’t cook soup without using stock fish. The reason most people use stockfish for cooking is because of the unique taste of the fish.

“The taste of stockfish is life… We can’t cook without stockfish.”

Image result for stock fish market in nigeria

The smell of stockfish is pungent and clings to the back of your throat. The fish has been hung up to dry for three months until it is as dry as a tree bark.

Image result for norway stockfish process

As the moisture drips out, the flavour of the stockfish deepens to create a rich, intense and complex taste. Honestly, it took me while to get use to the taste after awhile it became my favourite. smile ):

“As a kid I was never told that this stockfish was something from Norway. It was so common that I couldn’t imagine it not being Nigerian.”

Before Norway discovered oil and natural gas, its wealth was built on mainly fisheries. Today fish exports are Norway’s second highest earner, with stock fish going to Nigeria a hugely important element in this trade. Nigerians are a big time consumers of stock fish to the extent that no part of the fish is thrown away.  Not even the head. kikikiImage result for norway stockfish exporters


Even though Nigeria has a long coastline  with other species of fish, stock-fish has a unique taste and so it is Norway’s biggest export market for the fish.

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Image result for stockfishImage result for stockfish

To me this could be the key to a Nigerians man’s

Image result for nigerian stockfish soup

credit: google images

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