7 interview questions you don’t have to answer

Some of the big red-flag questions are these

  1. What is your race/where were you born?
  2. Are you a Canadian citizen?
  3. What is your religious affiliation?
  4. Do you have any disabilities/health issues?
  5. Are you married/do you have kids?
  6. How much do you weigh?
  7. How old are you?

Ofcourse many people are not Canadian or US citizens — they are born elsewhere — However, question like ‘Are you legally allowed to work in Canada?  is a legal and perfect question to ask

How to avoid answering

You can try to reframe the question for them as not to disclose personal information that an employer is not entitled to..

For example you can say ‘How will that help you make a good decision about choosing a candidate?’” This will help the employer or interviewer realize that it wasn’t a great question to ask, and they will move on.”

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