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I still remember my dearest friend, whom we’ll started together. She was so committed than every other sister in the fellowship. Then, I’d believed there was none that could measure up to her great commitment.
How can I forget her glorious words of wisdom which I never got tired of hearing. Then I would pray to be just like her because I envied her zeal and boldnessin serving God. She could pray for hours without getting tired and all I ever saw in her was God’s glory.

But one day, my friend became offended and stopped attending fellowships. At first I thought it was something we could handle, but her bitterness grew even worse. She became arrogant and stiff-necked. Her humility grew into pride. Her cheerfulness, into bitterness. Her zealousness grew weak and her faith died in no time.

I tried so many times to bring her back to Christ but she made it clear that she was better off without the church.

Oh! My Friend, who could tell her there is no more time, that Jesus is coming very soon. Who would convince her that life is short and that one day we shall all give account of our life to God.

Oh! My friend if only you knew the Price Christ paid on your behalf, you wouldn’t be offended in him. If only you knew how heaven weeps over your soul, you’ll return back.

But I’ll always remember you in my prayers, hoping that one day you’ll come back to your senses and I pray that by then it will not be too late.

credit: chioma

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