List Of Traditional Marriage Requirements In Tiv Benue State/IJAW PEOPLE (BAYELSA) OF NIGERIA

Image result for List Of Traditional Marriage Requirements In Tiv BenueSo if you are interested in marrying from Tiv Benue state, you are highly welcome as this blog will be providing you with some detailed list requirements to your dream bride from Tiv Benue state.

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Benue State with its rich traditions, their simple ways of life often go a long way in making the otherwise expensive requirements look very simple and easy.

Not to be overlook, is the flexibility of marrying a Tiv lady. The great thing about their tradition is that marrying a bride does not cost that much as compared to the Igbos  and others. Most of their items on the list are negotiable and could be substituted with cash. Below is what you would need:

For the father you are expected to provide the following:

  •  PiG
  • Azenga (cowries
  • .Matches
  • Local gin and some cash which is usually meant for the replacement of the drinks in case it finishes soon.

Then for the mother you are to bring items such as as:

  •  Chair
  • Table
  • Necklace
  • Broom
  • Basin
  • Mat
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Bush meat
  • Salt
  • Palm oil
  • Mudu, (Bowl) for measuring things
  • Umbrella and soft drinks.

Then for the bride price, you are expected to part with a large sum of N2.00 or less! But hey, when it comes to beauty and homely female folks, the Benue people has them.

Secondly:  Ijaw Traditional Marriage Requirement List Are As Follows:

After an Ijaw man meets a lady he wants to marry, the usual friendships ensued which serves as courting giving them opportunities to know themselves better. At the end of every other things comes the proper list for the traditional marriage without which the groom has to go back and reorganize himself to meet up.

ijaw traditional marriarge

Below are things the groom needs to get to marry his bride:

(1.) Money for the bride’s waist and for the brothers

(2.) Money for parents of the bride, tobacco, and for their attires

(3.) Mortar and Pestle

(4.) Box of clothes

(5.) A Canoe and fishing net

(6.) Lantern

(7.) 20 litres of dry gin (Ogogoro)

(8.) Salt.


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