Heresy Hunters or Bereans?

As menacing teachings permeate the fibre of the Church, there is a vigorous attempt being made to silence anyone who opposes the status quo! Labels are handed out freely if you question what is happening. The most popular label is “heresy hunter”. Anyone who does not “go with the flow” for unity is considered “divisive”.

Whatever happened to the ability to contend earnestly for the faith  which was once delivered to the saints? Many pastors who are”going with the flow” refuse to even read an article that will question some of the popular practices posing as “new revelation” and
“deeper truths”. When asked if they have read a book or an article documenting
some of the heretical thoughts being propagated, pastors will invariably have several excuses among which are:

(a) “the author only wants to sell books”,

(b) “I’m too busy”, or

(c) “I’m not really  interested”.

In the meantime the hole in the dyke has given way to an avalanche of false teaching and heretical thought.  It is frightening to realise that beliefs can be created merely by passively accepting information without attempting to analyse if what is preached or taught is truth! Unfortunately today much depends on the personality delivering the message. If it is a charismatic figure with a certain appeal, he/she can say anything they want and get away with it! The only criteria for truth seems to be if a book has been published and sold many copies, the author must be right.
This is why the knowledge of the Word of God is so important. It is not enough to parrot off someone else’s teaching and sound like a great name in miniature. Any man can lead you astray – no matter how nice or how spiritual he sounds. You have to stand before God yourself! The Word of God says explicitly, Study to show thyself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. (1 Tim.2:15).


Listening to hours and hours of tapes or watching “Christian TV” is not a substitute for honest and earnest study of the Word of God. Be like the Bereans who checked out everything they heard to see if
those things were so. (Acts 17:10-11). They were commended for doing so – not told they were divisive, critics, fault-finders and “heresy hunters”.

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2 thoughts on “Heresy Hunters or Bereans?

  1. Thank you for the comment, I totally agree “that the best way to refute the bad: showcase and exemplify the good, leaving people to see the bad as straw and waste”. However, we must be realistic that the society we live-in, is filled with evil. We must not be afraid to rebuke sin and point people to the cross. The Bible is not all rosy and goody goody…it is meant correct to rebuke and teach.


  2. Thanks for saying this. Discernment gets a bad rap and is a necessary part of life.

    It comes down to a few things, I think.

    One is that we should be promoting good theology more than refuting bad. A respected anti-counterfeiter once said he spent his time studying the good, not the bad. That’s the best way to refute the bad: showcase and exemplify the good, leaving people to see the bad as straw and waste. Some people don’t know how to balance it and come off like the coroner who doesn’t know how to talk about anything except his job at the dinner table.

    Two is the heart of the person. One who brags about being a good Berean, isn’t a good Berean. A good test for all of us to apply to ourselves is, “What is my motive?” Do we get a blink-and-you-miss-it surge of excitement when we see a heresy posted online, going “Hey, I know the answer to that one!”? A surge of glee over being right? Ratatouille’s antagonist pointed out that negative criticism is fun to write, and that’s another bad motive. We ought to merely be grateful and sober that we’ve been given Scripture and the opportunity to defend it. We certainly didn’t think up the right answers ourselves.

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