Image result for praying as single👉 Pray  for patience. Thank God for things you have learned during the wait

👉Pray for courage. Ask God to empower and equip you to face each day of the season

👉Pick a Bible  verse. Meditate on it for minutes, Pray it back to the Lord

👉Ask God for a teachable spirit

👉Pray to understand what it means to be an image-bearer; in body, words and deeds

👉Pray that you will sense Gods presence and companionship in lonely times, spend times quietly in Gods presence

👉Ask God to show you opportunities to use your singleness for his glory

👉Pray for an open heart to accept God’s will for this season of your life

👉Pray for strength to overcome temptation especially sexual temptation

👉Spend minutes praising God for this season, thanking God for his Grace, Love and Presence

👉Pray over your next date, Ask God to prepare your heart for whenever that may be; ask for patience

👉Ask God to show you any areas where disobedience or pride may be keeping you in this season

👉Spend time praising God for how much he has taught you in this season

👉Ask God to convict you of any areas of spiritual laziness. Ask him to show you how you can change.

👉Pray for trust in God’s provision. Thank God for ways he has provided in the past

👉Pray for your friends, brothers and sisters in Christ. Ask God to show you how you can honor them in this season

👉List things you love about the Lord. Spend minutes praising him for this things

credit: Phylicia Masonheimer



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