WOW! See How Beautiful Lagos Nigeria Looks Like In The 60s

The most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is also the largest city in Africa. It’s population is over 14 million people. Lagos state has been described as the seventh largest city in the world. Nigeria got its independence in October 1, 1960. Lagos State became the federal capital of Nigeria until December 1991 when Ikeja replaced Lagos as the state capital, while Abuja replaced Lagos as the federal capital of Nigeria.

Here are photos of old Lagos city which can be compared to old London. The structures were orderly and stylish, you can tell the city was well planned in the 60s.

See photos of old Lagos.

1. Tinubu square

2. The Old Clock in Idumota

The Old Clock showing in the picture used to indicate the actual time of the day while the Memorial Statue on the left are the great Soldiers who fought relentlessly during the First and Second World Wars, also known as ”Soldier Idumota”.

3. The Score board of Lagos

4. Old Marina

5. Lagos in 1960

6. Yaba in 1960

7. Bar Beach, Lagos Nigeria in the 1960’s

8. Cathedral Church

9. Carter bridge

10. Nigerian Airways

This company was established in 1958 right after the West African Airways Corporation was formally dissolved.

11. Federal Palace Hotel

12. Lagos port

13. Broad Street

Broad StreetplayBroad Street

Broad street is a well-known location on Lagos Island and also one of the oldest streets in Lagos. The “Secretariat” building located on Broad street was constructed in  1906.

14. Marina

15. Somewhere in Ikoyi

16. Streets of Lagos in the 60s

17. Kingsway Building in the Early 70’s

18. Yoyo Araromi house

19. Kingsway Building in the Early 70’s

20. Idumota

This is Idumota linking Carter Bridge from Ebute-Metta to the Island during the late 50’s. This picture was shot sometime in 1959.

Idumota, a very busy part of Lagos city is currently a hub of commercial activities with sellers regularly hustling to sell off their goods along the road.

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