Recipes For A Good Wife Material

1. The wife that wins all arguments with her husband is not wise. The home is not a law court.

2. The wife that uses sex as a weapon in the home – placing embargo,
going to bed in jeans shorts and trousers – lacks wisdom.

3. The wife that uses the modern trends and laws of “women’s rights”
to insult or ridicule her husband simply makes a fool of herself.

4. A woman that makes her home devoid of peace through bickering,
nagging and quarrels needs help. A man should be eager to run away
from office to be at home, for that should be the safest and cosiest
place on earth for him.

5. Modern-day equality in marriage does not mean competition. It
simply means partnership. Taking advantage of such equality to turn
around and become the de-factor head of the home and oppress the man is tantamount to playing with fire. If you destroy your home, soon you
will be the boss of an empty home.

6. A wise wife makes the man feel so good that he assumes that he is
the head. Once he gets that feeling, the woman gently wields her power
and the head actually turns to wherever the neck wants without a

7. A wife that does not pull herself away from friends’ influence and
advice or even from the control of her mother and father will have
herself to blame.


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