8 Things Men Say That Get on Women’s Nerves


Image result for woman listeningWomen are faced with many challenges this include the way they laugh, their persona, their facial expression and many more. An article carried out by “entrepreneur”  mentions some of the things said to women that get on their nerves.

1. You should smile more often

I’m sure that you’ve witnessed men say this to women, even if they’re total strangers. Let’s be honest here, a woman doesn’t owe you a smile whenever she’s in your presence. As Erika Henderson states perfectly, “The sexualization behind telling women to smile is alarming. It makes women feel that we are only meant to be happy and pretty and it’s a passive way to engage into an unwanted conversation.”


According to 38 percent of Americans, “whatever” is the most annoying word or phrase used in conversations. Nothing gets me fired-up more than when someone tells me “whatever.”

Even if you’re indifferent to a question, it’s important to the other party. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have been asked in the first place. Offer your opinion instead of completely dismissing the question.

3. Why do you always do that

No one “always” does anything. Suggesting they do puts them on the defensive because you’re defining them based on one instance. For example, “you always leave dirty dishes in the sink,” is defining her as messy or lazy. Even if that’s happened several times, or all the time, there’s no need to let that frustration build-up. Discuss these issues as they happen instead of making this habit a characterization of her.

4.That’s a man’s job, let me do that

First off, what exactly is a “man’s job?” Sure, there are jobs that have more men employees, like manual labor or entrepreneurship. But, if it’s acceptable for men to have jobs that were previously considered a “woman’s job,” like teaching or nursing, then the same can be true for women. It should be about talent, passion and experience, not gender.

Outside of the workplace, does this mean moving furniture or fixing the toilet? I know lots of men who can’t do either job and plenty of women who can. Don’t assume that a woman is incapable of doing something because it’s perceived as a “man’s job.” Whoever can do the job, it’s their job to do.


Starting your remarks off with “Listen” implies that she wasn’t listening and you’re now ordering her to pay attention to what you have to say, and her only role is to play the listener.

6. You look great for your age

This is another statement that may have good intentions, but it comes across (and is) as condescending and rude. Just simply say that they “Look great.” Easy peasy. Remember, if you’re compliments are genuine, they won’t require a “for your” qualifier.

7.That’s not very ladylike

Here’s the definition of “ladylike;” “appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl.” Do we apply Victorian standards to women these days? I don’t think so. Women don’t have to wear a dress to an interview or when in the workplace. Pantsuits are completely acceptable and professional. So are jeans and sneakers.Telling a woman that she’s not “ladylike” perpetuates sexist notions by playing into certain social rules and can lower their self-esteem. Don’t make anyone feel ashamed for who they are.

8. You ate that whole thing?

This is a contender for most embarrassing statements that you can make to a woman, even if you’re just in awe because she weighs 110 pounds and ate more wings than you did. To her, she hears that you think she has a eating problem or should be ashamed in some way because she was hungry.

On the flip side, also avoid, “Is that all you’re going to eat?”. You don’t control what and how much a woman should eat. (Or the amount or content of what anyone “should” eat).

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