83-Year-Old Virgin Finally Ties The Knot To 90-Year-Old Man

An 83-year-old virgin from Uganda called Naomi has decided to get married to a 90-year-old Ugandan man identified as Rwakaikara. It is allege that Naomi has never had sex in her life.

Naomi wedded the love of her life at St. James Cathedral in Hoima District area of Uganda. The wedding was presided over by the retired Bishop Nathan Kyamanywa.

The delighted Bishop told the congregation that it was not too late to get married and thanked the couple for patiently waiting for their special day. 

See husband and wife.

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The man of God praised the couple for challenging the young generation to be holy and focused.

He also revealed that he had never seen a couple wed at such a late age but it was still a blessing;

It’s my first time since I started work as Bishop to wed an old virgin woman as Naom. This is amazing and the world will read and learn a lot about you.

The husband, Rwakaikara has 10 children, (40 grand children and 59 grand children) from his first (late) wife. Naomi, on the other hand, has never married before. Doctors have confirmed she is indeed still a pure first class virgin.

Congrats to the couples. I am challenged by this story. We are in a generation that glory in fornication and ridicule those who chose purity before marriage. The devil use the word “dating” to lure many into sin. This is a challenge to everyone that purity before marriage always wins . Pre-marital sex brings guilt even if you end up marrying that person. Since the foundation is faulty there will always be that sense of guilt. This message is not to condemn anyone but to encourage purity and abstinence, chastity and virginity. If you made a mistake, you can correct it and lay a better foundation for you and your generation.

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