Should Christians Have PreNups?

Image result for should christians have prenupsThere is no reason for two Bible believing Christians,  who are committed to God and each other, to need a prenuptial agreement in marriage. Here is why: the Bible says that “love covers multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8). Therefore God has called us to forgive each other the same way  he has forgiven us. A  pre-nup  is a plan to not forgive. If two truly become one, shouldn’t the distinction between “yours” and “mine” be eradicated—or at least greatly blurred?

Many in today’s society consider prenuptial agreements to be necessity and that if someone does not sign he or she is a fool. Friends Gods ways are not humans way. The institution of marriage from Genesis, there has been crisis even in the garden of eden yet Adam did not leave Eve. God’s ways contradict the world’s (Luke 16:15Romans 12:2).       I must say there is nothing in the Bible that supports the idea that a Christian couples should forge a “just in case we get divorced you can’t take my stuff” agreement.


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