Don’ts Eat this Food on Empty Stomach

Spicy food in the afternoon or the evening can even be good for your health, some studies have associated it with lower mortality and cancer incidence, but as a first meal,can lead to irritation of the digestive system and pain.

They are rich in magnesium, which can be dangerous in high amounts, therefore, those with heart conditions are advised against bananas as part of their breakfast. For the rest, bananas may not be the best way to begin the day since they can make you drowsy and are therefore recommended before going to sleep.

They are too high in sugar, which in time can lead to diabetes. They are also associated to obesity and low energy. In general they do not contain any useful nutrients or minerals. Even diet sodas can cause potential problems in the future.Early in the day they can cause heartburn, flatulence, irritated bowels and pain due to their high content of aminoacids. They are much more recommended in the afternoon or the evening. Some can be very high in iron and under the right conditions they can be used as an excellent source of vitamins.

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If you suffer from frequent irritation/inflammation of your digestive system, then tomatoes should be avoided early in the morning, that contain tannic acid which may trigger your condition, leading to pain and gastric ulcers. At lunch tomatoes make a great side due to their high content of carotenoids.

Pears are hard to digest and their crude fiber may be a challenge for your bowels early in the morning. Pain and damage of the intestines are common outcomes. As a side during lunch pears are much recommended since they contain a lot of vital nutrients and are simply delicious.


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