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Whenever the word ‘romance’ comes up, the mind easily drifts to physical intimacy, but Christians are expected to flee youthful lusts and keep the marriage bed undefiled. The problem is with romance being limited to expression of love through sexual means. However, there are many ways by which you can express love to your partner without defiling each other:

1. Constantly Affirm Your Love For Your Partner

This never gets old. Let your partner know how much you appreciate them and how you truly feel for them. Even on days when it gets rough, don’t leave your partner wondering if you still care. Be it through calls or texts; remind your partner over and over that you cherish them.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Written Notes

Yes, a note in your handwriting is absolutely romantic. You can keep it tucked away in a shirt pocket; you can hide it somewhere in her handbag, just litter your partner’s life with these love notes and watch their heart melt with love for you overflowing from it.

3. Do Gifts Often

A gift is never too small, provided it is done from a place of love. Giving is one of the most valid ways to show love for a person and who else would you do take pleasure in doing this for if not Le Boo or La Bae?

4. Go On Dates

A date doesn’t always have to be the classy restaurant and candle-lit dinner thing, you can hang out at your favourite spots together, take a stroll together, attend music concerts together. There is just so much that you can do. Bask in the beauty of your time together and watch your love bloom.

5. Serenade Your Partner

It doesn’t matter whether you think you sound like a frog or a bird when you sing; a partner who really loves you will most likely be carried away by this absolutely romantic gesture. Of course they might tease you about it after, but you can be sure that you just stole another bit of their heart, if not all of it.

6. Set Up Love Alarms On Their Phone

Secretly draft love notes on your partner’s phone with an alarm to make them see it. Preferably, let the time you set be when you are not with them. It doesn’t get more romantic than this, does it?

7. Do Something Special On Their Birthday

Get a surprise cake delivered to them, cook them dinner, do a karaoke, anything to blow your partner away on a day as special as this should work. Just be spontaneous and allow your heart work its magic.

credit: naijachristians

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