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I shifted anxiously from one foot to the other, promising myself that if Chris failed to appear in the next two minutes, I was going home without him. I had waited for almost two hours and he was just nowhere to be found. 
I couldn’t really tell if it was anger that I felt inside me or mere worry. Just then, my phone rang and I hurriedly picked it up. It was Chris. I knew he hadn’t forgotten so soon that we had an appointment with the marriage counselor.
“Hello! Where are you dear? I’ve been waiting for hours… Pastor Mark says he has another appointment today by 5pm and if you don’t turn up soon, he will have to cancel our appointment till further notice…” I said without missing words.“Sis Andrea Philip…. Am sorry but… I don’t think I’d make it again”, He said.He sounded so plain and formal as though he had only known me for barely two days. It was so unlike him to call me by my maiden name. He either called me his ‘precious jewel’ or ‘my dear’ but then I didn’t seem to know the reason for the sudden change.“But dear what seems to be the matter?” I asked again to be sure all was perfectly alright.“Look Miss Philip am no longer interested that’s all… Am calling off this relationship.” He said and I knew it wasn’t a joke this time.

“But…. Why?!”, I asked, totally confounded. My eyes were almost filled up with hot tears.

“What happened dear? Or…. Did I by any chance do something wrong?”, I asked.
My heart wavered as I spoke. I couldn’t bare to lose another suitor.

I had known Christian for close to a year. We met at the camp that same year at the youth convention.
I had just finished having lunch that hot afternoon and was going to pay for my bills when I saw a young man being harassed for not paying his bills and I watched him fumble in his pocket for minutes. I couldn’t stop to wonder how a well dressed and good looking man could eat in a local restaurant without being able to pay for his bills.

“It’s alright ma, how much is it?”, I asked, volunteering to save him from his fidgeting state.

He was truly thankful and introduced himself to me as Mr Christian Luke, promising to repay back in a much bigger way.
The next day being the final day of the youth convention, we met again and he offered to give me a ride to my bus stop. I was really surprised to see that the same man I’d helped at the local restaurant was actually the owner of a Lexus jeep. He explained to me that he had misplaced his wallet that very day and wasn’t aware of it until it was time to pay for his meal.
There and then, we exchanged contacts and became quite close.

At first, he said God had actually revealed to him that I was the perfect will for him. He also said he had confirmed it through prayers and fastings.
I was already attracted to him and didn’t really mind if he was truly the one for me. And so for four months we went into courtship, getting to know each other much better.

“Look Andrea, do you think you can put me in perpetual bondage?… O well sorry for you”, He said, so harshly.

“How do you mean dear?!”

“Did you think I would not find out? You better listen very carefully; It is over between the both of us…. I cannot marry a pig for a wife!”, he said and finally hanged up on me.

I was chocked up by his hammering words and could barely breath. My heart pondered heavily on what he had just referred me to.

“Hello Chris…. Hello…. Hello…. Christian!…”, He hanged up on me, leaving me in complete dismay.

What was it that he heard about me? Could it have been that he finally found out about my shameful condition? But then who must have told him about it?
Why me? How could this be happening to me, I wasn’t getting any younger… How was I going to face my mother with yet another disappointment? My younger sister Dera was already married and I was left with nothing but disappointment. Hot tears burned my cheeks as I wept profusely.

It started to drizzle and I walked home under the rain, as I continuously pondered why Chris called me a “pig”……

DISCLAIMER: #This is fictional story

Stay tuned for the next episode…. CLICK HERE THE PERFECT WILL EPISODE 2

God bless…..

#WRITTEN BY: Chioma_.J.

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